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  1. Ah - turbo marking - that'll do it, thanks! MQ
  2. I am talking about looking at the car in a dealer's show room/line-up/advertisement to identify the engine. Nothing too involved! Think I might be on to one in Yorkshire, which is available in early 2014. Will see what Santa says... MQ
  3. I'm looking for a used race-red 5dr Ecoboost 125 Titanium model - but find them somewhat rare and there's no immediate way of telling which engine is fitted. Therefore my query is:- Are there any physical signs indicating a 125ps engine - ie badging or engine configuration? Incidentally, 125 ps = 123.3 hp. and 100ps = 98.6 hp. MQ
  4. Trailer Wiring

    Hello Slug I need to know if there is a dedicated wire from the 'Trailer' fuse socket in the passenger's fuse box, running to the rear of the car. A wiring diagram might give a clue as to where - if it exists - it's hidden... However,I'm just popping in to the dealer's - who have relented and promised me a copy of their diagram ; so I may be fixed. Many thanks for your help. Good to know this Forum is active! MQ
  5. Trailer Wiring

    Many thanks but not what I need - I'll keep looking..! MQ
  6. Trailer Wiring

    I've just bought a 2009 Fiesta Mk7 1.4 5-dr hatch and need a wiring diagram to hook up the newly-installed towbar. I am aware that the electrical system is can-bus/multiplex and have the requisite 7-way bypass relay to tap into the various lamp wires. This to be powered from the fused 'Trailer' position in the pax fusebox but without a diagram am not sure if there is a supply wire -or plug/socket already installed from this to the rear of the car. Can't see anything obvious running from the looms. Can any one help on this and/or have a copy of the relevant wiring diagram? Thanks in advance. MQ p.s. Er - Why are 'Daylight running lights' deemed necessary when there are at least 4 lamps installed at the front.....?