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  1. I'm loving my 1.0, brilliant car and a stunning little engine, but I do think the standard brakes could be a little bit better- are there any reasonable upgrades out there? Obviously I've seen all the silly money ST stuff, but how about the standard car..?
  2. Nice one! Still haven't taken mine out of night mode, I love it!
  3. 3.4.21020 is now available from Cyanlabs, though having only just upgraded to 3.4.20351, I think I'm going to leave well alone for now!
  4. My experience is that ChipsAway vary hugely by franchise...I've had perfect jobs at reasonable prices, and a horrible runny mess that I rejected...
  5. Considering one of these for my 1.0, just to improve the driving experience...anyone got any opinions?
  6. Since my update to 3.4 20351 I've got one or two missing DAB logos, but am not messing with it any further for now. Plus, I just filled all my presets with various stations and they're not even ones I would probably use! On the whole, they all seem to be there though, and I'm continuing to love the update/night mode look.
  7. Yeah, it's fine really, just a small thing. For those asking, my 3.4 20351 looks like this (on night mode)-
  8. Only gripe I have with the nav so far (not had my car/SYNC 3 long) is that I can't get it more accurate when saving my home location...it's a teeny thing, but it's convinced I live at No.8 or 10, and I don't! LOL.
  9. A master reset is the first thing recommended when you upgrade via Cyanlabs.
  10. A site that offers downloads of the various versions, with tools to create the USB for you etc, and substantial support too- https://cyanlabs.net/fhub/
  11. Agree 100%- the night mode looks gorgeous and is on permanently on mine now, too.
  12. Annoyingly, mine was just out of range. That said, I still would only have been taken as far as 3.0 by Ford, so...
  13. One way I think, but as Ford weren't offering me anything better and as official updates are so notoriously infrequent anyway, I'm really not concerned. Been trying it all out this PM and am very happy with how it is now.
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