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  1. 1.4 Fiesta Finesse (Duratec)

    hi. i have a semi automatic gear box aswell and i had something similar happen to me a few months ago. i just couldnt get it into gear and rac couldnt do a thing. the ford garage told me it was the actuator that does the gear changes. it is the motor that does the gear change in auto or manual. id say its more likely to be this than the gear box. theres two actuators one for the clutch and one for the gear change as i understand it. it did cost me in the region of 800 pounds including labour to have it fixed and i havnt had any problems since. hopefully its just the ecu. but just to let you know of this since i hadnt heard of this problem before and it dosnt seem to happen very often. i tried to ask on forums but i didnt get any replies as to the price of changing the actuator. i have a fiesta 03 myself hope it helps mike
  2. my car broke down yesterday 2003 ford fiesta with the durashift gear changing system or semi atuomatic. and i had it towed to the nearest ford garage. they called me up today and said i needed a new actuator for the car and quoted me 800 pounds for parts and labor, now this is rather a huge amount of money for me, so is this price fair? i really need an answer soon. any advice would be greatly apreciated. they said it will include programming of the gearbox aswell. thanks mike
  3. i belive to start the car you need to have the break pedal depressed. also you need to have your foot on the break pedal before it engages the gear or reverse. think its a safety feature so you dont roll off without noticing. also dont take the foot of the pedal when you accelerate. it automaticly changes it for you. it automatically takes the car out of gear when you apply the hand break. iv only had my 03 fiesta with duratec thing for a few months now, but it seems to do the same as yours. it can be a bit sluggish to get into gear at times, and i also get a bit of a clunk when im starting off. if you need more acceleration depress the accelerator pedal quickly. it then automatically switches down a gear you give you a bit more of a push. hope its been helpfull. i belive it mentions some of these things in the manual. :)
  4. Service Find Coil Springs

    ah okay well that is good news. as a bit of a noob, just hearing the R word is a bit worrying. but then my grandfather had a toyota starlet that kept passing its mot even tho it was only held together by filler
  5. iv just had my 03 fiesta in for service. and seem to pass without any major problems, but it was noted that my rear coil springs where getting rusty. i still have quite some time to my mot is due, so i was wondering how much coil springs are, and how much would it cost to have them changed? and what type of springs are good? im not looking to lowering the car just yet, but any advice would be greatly apreaciated. :)
  6. i have a 03 reg ford fiesta mk6. the radio that came with the car is the original 4500 that came with the car. iv bought a new bezel so i can install a standard stereo which i can connect my mp3 player to. so im looking for a radio which has a front usb connection. does anyone have any recommendation on what to get? or what to stay clear off. and also if anyone have any tips on changing the bezel i would be v happy indeed!
  7. Myth Or Truth?

    iv heard about these online post boards that is on the world wide web. maby there will be one where there is discussions about cars
  8. Myth Or Truth?

    i just count the number of lamp posts i pass. tho it does keep me fairly isolated in town
  9. Myth Or Truth?

    but shouldnt you get more mpg by carrying less weight, several litres of fuel must still weigh quite a few kilos. and is there any way to clean up the tank?
  10. Myth Or Truth?

    i recently flicked thru a book on maintenence of cars and came across a section saying that you should always fill the car so its always above half full of petrol, so sludge in the tank dont get into the engine. is this correct or should i just burn the book?
  11. New Used Car Pics

    you wouldnt happen to have a radio facia by any chance?
  12. New Used Car Pics

    i was just looking at the chrome grill earler today and thought it looked a bit out of place. and the ill look into those wipers. thanks
  13. New Used Car Pics

    iv had my fiesta 1.4 ghia 03 for a week now, and it is still running! just thought id ad a photo. as soon as the weather dries up a bit i will give her a nice wash. some of the plastic details where graying a bit, but i used some product on them and they blackened up a bit more. so please add some ideas for mods that would suit my lil lady. im planning of getting a new inside facia for the dashbord so i can fit a more up to date radio instead of the 4500 thats in there at the moment. but im sure i will find plenty of upgrades to do!
  14. Paint Chipping

    iv started to call around to get a few quotes. just thought id ad a picture with the problem. it has been touched up, but quite badly. the colour dosnt match. and it over runs quite a bit so again if you have any tips, or any sugestions this kind of thing would cost, please post!
  15. Paint Chipping

    iv just collected my fiesta a la 03 last wednsday and she is running perfectly so far :) but there are some stone old painted over (badly) stonechippings on the bonnet. i was just wondering what would be the best way to remidy this. i dont really have any skills to do it myself, but im not sure who to turn to. please help mike