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  1. Quaife Lsd Differential On A Mk7

    Give this guy a ring. http://www.coordsport.com/ Colin.
  2. Windows Phone 7 And Mk7 Bluetooth?

    The bluetooth phone connection is by Nokia and some phones just don't work. You can look it up on the Ford website it will tell you what phones are compatible. Colin.
  3. Fiesta Flame In Flames!

    Is this guy for real?
  4. Car Steaming Up Badly

    You need a contact glue to stick the rubber on (evostick) Colin.
  5. My Fiesta + General Guidance Please.

    I think you will find that bluetooth and voice control is a factory fit and not for fitting after. It will need a different stalk and different center panel. Colin.
  6. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    Jack the car up nearside front, wheel off, then you can get to it from there. You will need a small screwdriver to flick the clip off (which is facing the block) you may need a torch and a mirror. Colin.
  7. These days I think you will find that all cars have a full loom fitted. So all the plugs, sockets and wires are there it's just that some are not used. Colin.
  8. Bluetooth Compatible Mobiles

    I have been running my Storm's since last year so if it was going to go wrong it would have done it by now. The phone module in the Fiesta is Nokia and is located behind the glove box on the firewall, there are only a few phones that will work with it (you can download a list from the Ford website that will tell you the one's that will work). I run a Storm 9530 and 9500 and I have no connection or using problems with either. Check your phone it could be the way it is set up. Colin.
  9. Bluetooth Compatible Mobiles

    You can't be doing it right. You must have bluetooth fitted for a start. If you use the voice activation you can call a number, call from your phone directory, put in favourite people, open and close the call and take 2 calls at the same time. You don't need to touch the phone at all. Colin.
  10. Bluetooth Compatible Mobiles

    Blackberry Storm works OK. Colin. edit: typo.
  11. Titanium vs Zetec S

    Zetec S TDCI 1.6 the number 1. Had mine 15 months, best thing since sliced bread. Colin.
  12. Numberplate Fixings

    Adhesive foam tape is the best way. Colin.
  13. How Is The Gearbox Oil Drained From 2004 1.25 Fiesta

    The reason there is no drain plug is that you don't have to change the oil, it stays in for the life of the car. Just check to see that it is level with the hole. Colin.
  14. Bluetooth Phone Issue

    I run a Blackberry Storm and have no trouble with the mode button, the call is taken OK. Colin.
  15. boot release button

    It also stops anybody opening your boot when you are stopped a traffic lights and nicking your stuff. Colin.