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  1. Has anybody else seen the new Ford Mondeo, why I ask is, I have recently spoken too a friends in Australia and also in the USA about the new Mondeo. Both are very adamant the Fords are going to launch a new Mondeo. The car will be known under other names around the World but in Europe it with either be called the Mondeo or something else. A close look at the car on show at the motor show clearly showed the Mondeo heritage in its nice lines and looks and the interior was defiantly born from a Mondeo, the dash was well designed in line with advanced thinking. It is to be produced in three engine
  2. Hello, Don't be fooled into fitting the wrong replacement badge on the Mondeo boot. I bought one recently and found it did not fit. You need to buy the Fiesta badge and be careful taking it off, if you use heat use a very low setting, otherwise the paint will lift. Also make sure the area is clean, otherwise the badge will not stick and fall off.
  3. Hello. I spoke to the Auto electricians about the LED bulbs, as I had put some in my old MK3 and wanted put them in my MK4, he advised not too, but if I must bring the car to him. I was told there is a new type of bulb on the marked which is as bright as LEDs. However, I do know Halfords do the LEDs and used to do a kit. Fords also do a conversion kit for their MK6 Mondeos, which also fit MK 5 and MK4. its a straight one out one in swop.
  4. Good morning, I had a problem with the ignition key opening and closing the door and the boot. I changed the battery and it was a kit better. finally took it all apart , watched u tube video and had it tested, now works a lot better. I was told not to use cheap batteries also + has to be in line with key not off at an angle. Has any one else had this problem?
  5. I had the same fault on my Mk4, I took it to a garage who diagnosed the float as faulty, I had a new pump / float chamber fitted problem solved. It was something to do with the float electrics on the pump side.
  6. Good morning, I have a Mondeo MK4 Edge petrol and I realised that the car was missing the door sill proctors. I had a look into the problem and was told its and extra, they are not fitted to the Edge, but I could buy some direct from Fords for a three figure sum. I declined their offer and went on line, a firm in the midland offered me the top of the range genuine Ford door sill protectors for £9 and the box was damaged and the item dirty. The protectors arrived and I read the instruction which where more pictures than writing, I followed the instructions cleaned the sills accordingly and stuc
  7. Hello, My Mondeo Mk4 when it arrived had a parrot hands free system fitted and the radio was off, also the anti skid system. I got a radio from the Fords store which never closes, it cost £15 and set about removing the old radio, The centre consort and dash came out easily and and I was left with a miss mash of wiring harness plus a parrot. I traced the parrot harness and started disconnecting. I removed three boxes and several connection , a microphone and a control box leaving a sticky mess on the dash. I cut away at my butchered Ford wiring harness and finally got back to the original
  8. Hello again The Blue Oval on the boot lid is badly worn on my Mk4 Mondeo. I priced the part at Fords and found it to be very expensive and made in Europe. I looked on line and found a new boot lid blue oval made in the UK and of metal for £5 with free p&p. I spoke to the company about the quality of the badge and as they said, its meal, has Fords written on with a swirl and is easy to fit. They also said they supply loads to ford owners as an add on top of the range badge, they cannot understand why Fords done use them. The badge will be fitted on Wednesday.
  9. Good morning, I had a problem on my Mk 4 Mondeo 2l Edge, with the fuel gauge suddenly showing empty and the dash warning lights flashing and sounding. I pulled into the petrol station put a £5 worth of petrol in the tank and everything went back to normal. Being an old mechanic, and having worked on the problem in Ford cars before, I thought the fuel ender was at fault. I spoke to my local garage who said either its the sender or the gauge that's faulty. A new Ford Fuel pump sender made in Spain was over £200, However, one made at British Pumps for a Jaguar, was £30 +p&p, I spoke to the co
  10. For further information see Viper Performance pipes
  11. Snake pipes are used in the racing side of Mondeo cars, they are a a silicon pipe with a steel outer spring which prevents movement and pipe expansion making sure you have more pressure at the turbo. If the louvers are not opening correctly on the turbo it can lead to your problem and the turbo blows eventually, rather than fit a new unit or turbo, individuals wire them shut which allows the car to run OK, but above 4000 rpm you hit trouble, A new turbo from Darlington costs about £125 on the return of your old one.
  12. Hi, My Mondeo which I love very much, had the remains of a mobile phone sticky mess on the dash and the remains of the old tax disk holder on the window. I tried thumb nails, white vinegar and glue remover no success. After a long though , I remembered when I was a Ford apprentice that white spirit was used by the body builders, So I got up, soaked both the old mobile phone sticky area and the old licence holder in white spirit, after 15 minutes I used a soft cotton cloth and elbow grease, both came off leaving no mark or residue. I then cleaned with Morrisons glass cleaner. You would not kn
  13. Hi, I have the 2.0 litre 2008, I fitted the new Bosh Ford Mondeo battery, its smaller but carries a higher charge, check your computers, the auto eclectics told me you have to allow the computers time to come on line, also start using Shell V power, it will clean your engine, keep away from Super Markets, get the filter changed. It should start.
  14. Hi Change the battery to the new Bosh Mondeo Hybrid, its smaller and far better than the standard, change the injectors for Jaguar Land Rover, put Shell advanced in the tank which will clean the system, change the fuel filter for a British diesels, put a synthetic oil in the engine.
  15. Hello I had this problem on a 2L diesel, The garage fitted a snake pipe, which increased the intake pressure in line with a racing engine, I also had the louvers module changed which allowed high revving.
  16. Hello, Taking the old unit out is easy, about 10 mins tops, unplug the old unit remove the aerial cable and plug into the new unit, replace the unit in the dash and rebuild the dash. turn the unit on and enter the code you got with the new / second hand unit using the keys and the it should work. Just be careful, if you get a made in China cheap replacement you have to change the language from Chinese to English UK, other wise it only picks up Chinese stations.
  17. Hello, You need to go to a garage and have an injector fuel test, which tells you how much the injectors are producing, You will probably find No3 and No4 are over fuelling. Then fit Jaguar injectors in which ever ones are at fault. Injectors are expensive, but I got a set from a place at Doncaster for £25 second hand, it cured my Mondeo, also fit a new fuel filter, I got one from British Diesel made in the UK. Finally fill your tank with top grade Shell Diesel, not the cheap stuff and clear the system out.
  18. You need to replace the alarm unit under the front wing. I have a Mondeo MK4 with the problem, I went to Auto Electric, they diagnosed faulty alarm unit under the front wing and gave me two options, fit a new unit £216 plus vat from Ford or cut the wires. I asked about a second hand unit, which they said they would fit, I got a Jaguar one make in the UK for £20, totally different design, it stops the fault and had it fitted for £40 end of problem. I also had a new battery fitted at the same time, my new battery is 6 inches square by 4 inches long, the one that came off was massive, as he expl
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