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  1. You could find yourself an Esso station ... their premium fuel is E0, even though they are required to put an E5 sticker on the pump. Quote from Esso "Although our pumps have E5 labels on them, our Synergy Supreme+ 99 is actually ethanol free (except, due to technical supply reasons, in Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, North England and Scotland). Legislation requires us to place these E5 labels on pumps that dispense unleaded petrol with ‘up to 5% ethanol’, including those that contain no ethanol, which is why we display them on our Synergy Supreme+ 99 pumps"
  2. E10 was not on sale during August. Pump stickers were changed progressively during August to be ready for 1st September. It will be very difficult for consumers to make comparisons. E10 is available from today it depends on when fuel stations get their new deliveries. Also beware that E10 means upto 10% ethanol, which is why the E10 stickers were valid when displayed in August!
  3. Google translates as: Looking for spare parts desperately a gear lever with reverse gear on a 1995 mondeo in 2.5 v6 thank you
  4. These attach to the floorpan just in front of the drivers seat (flap in carpet) Then the turnbutton fits through a hole in the drivers slip mat to prevent it getting pushed up under the pedals.
  5. Sorry, posted a picture but no message! I have recently purchased a 2010 Mondeo Estate to join my 2016 Fiesta. The head unit seems a complete mistery to me. I am hoping that someone might recognise it. It shows a FORD logo when the engine starts up but is not mentioned in any of the literature I have.
  6. There is a switch attached to the clutch pedal, the hanging wire connector clips onto the switch. This is how the car's systems knows you have depressed the clutch and will allow the engine to be started. When disconnected you are prompted to press the brake instead. Disconnection also prevents the stop/start action. You will probably need to detach the switch from the clutch pedal to refix the connector, or as is quite likely to bind or stick it back together when you find that the plastic has been damaged!
  7. ris001

    ELM327 Mini

    You need the WiFi version to communicate with Apple Devices. They only support Bluetooth via Android
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