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  1. hello all! I'm hoping someone can help me before i take the petrol and matches to my other halfs Focus!! It is a 2000 W reg 1.8LX and has a knock from the front end under acceleration. List of parts replaced so far: Lower arms (both sides) Anti roll bar drop links (both sides) Track rod ends O/S driveshaft O/S wheel bearing It is starting to get beyond a joke and my local garage who are pretty good can't find anything either!! Its been through 3 MOT's with this knocking and nothing has been found. It gets worse the harder you accelerate and higher the speed to the point where its almost undriveable!! The only thing i think it could be now is the engine mounts but i'm open to suggestions!?!?!?! Does anyone know how many engine mounts there are? Help!!!!!!! Cheers Griff
  2. VIbration through steering!!

    I have swapped the wheels around from front to back and made no difference really! i think i'm going to replace the driveshaft after payday!! If that don't cure it then theres always a can of petrol and a match!! :P
  3. VIbration through steering!!

    Thanks for the offer mate but i have a Haynes manual (or bible as i call it) I rang my local motor spares place and they say £50 plus VAT!! Woohoo!! Includes CV joints and bearings!! Not overly fussed about it being genuine so long as it stops the bugger vibrating! Getting to much of a headache from the missus as its her motor! I do tell her its the way she thrashes it but only when i'm out of reach!!!
  4. VIbration through steering!!

    FOrtunately i have done all the work myself (except tyres and balancing) so its just the cost of parts really. Sounds like a CV joint is the next port of call. When i replaced the tripod bearing there were no obvious sign of wear in the housing where the tripod bearing sits and the cost of a new drive shaft from Ford is stupid £293.16+VAT!!!! It is starting to annoy me now!! Cheers Griff
  5. HI all! I have a 2000 W reg 1.8lx focus with 105k on the clock. When driving at 70mph+ it has a vibration felt through the steering wheel. It gets worse when you try to accelerate but lessens off if you just maintain speed or lift off completely! List of parts changed / work done so far: 1, Wheels balanced x4 at different garages 2, New tyres 3, Discs and pads replaced 4, Track rod ends replaced 5, Anti roll bar links replaced 6, Intermediate bearing replaced 7, Tripod bearing replaced 8, Rear wheels swapped with fronts After i replaced the intermediate and tripod bearings it improved no end but it is still there and as i do alot of motorway driving it is getting on my !Removed!!!! The only other thing i can think to replace is the CV joint?!? There is no play in the wheel bearings at all and everything else has been replaced!! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!! Cheers Griff
  6. Hello all My mate has a S reg 1.4 Zetec fiesta with a very noisy bottom end. It still drives but how long it lasts is a different matter!! He has been offered a 1.25 zetec bottom end cheap and wants to know if he can fit the 1.25 bottom end with the 1.4 head?? If this is not possible does anyone have a 1.4 bottom end or complete engine they want rid of or know wheres best to get one in the Midlands area?? Cheers Griff
  7. Hello all! I have been offered a Y reg Diesel Mondeo at a good price only problem is its sucked water through the air intake and as a result doesn't run! i'm thinking the easiest way to resolve it is to swap out the complete engine (unless anyone knows better) it currently has fitted the Duratorq DI 90BHP engine. Can i fit a 115BHP TDDi engine instead? Is it a straight swap? if not what needs modifying? Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers Griff