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  1. 3 Beeps When Stop

    Hi all Just bought a 2004 ford focus. V happy but I get three beeps when I turn ignition off and remove key. The link below plays an audio file in my public drop box folder. .aac format https://db.tt/BnzEXYO0 Thanks to anyone that can help as ive drawn a blank so far S
  2. 3 Beeps When Stop

    Not sure about the stereo. Nice to know the beeps are nithing serious but I don't like my tech too pushy. It sounds good and takes a memory stick etc. But the damn thing won't stop flashing. I downloaded a manual and can probably fix that but the dash just looks butchered. Tempted to rip it out and put in something else. The car also has the remote buttons behind the steering wheel. Currently not connected but surely it cant be hard?
  3. Strange Pattern On Bonnet

    Hi Bought this car 2004 Focus and I am noticing this pattern in the mornings. Is it a history of funky decals ? Has it got a chequered past of track racing? Car seems fine. I'm curious though as it came with v little history.
  4. Strange Pattern On Bonnet

    Ah yes. Obvious really. Thanks. Not sure about the liner. Is it worth fitting ? (I'm not worried about the condensation pattern)
  5. 3 Beeps When Stop

    You were right! Nice one.
  6. 3 Beeps When Stop

    Thanks for the clues. The stereo has been taken out and replaced with a Sony so that will be the first thing to check tomorrow.
  7. 3 Beeps When Stop

    Door closed and lights off. The warning for headlights sounds completely different. Reading through the mods in your footer you clearly know the ff pretty well. Guess I need to speak to the dealer, but I'm guessing they will just tell me to bring it in with a £££ bill following on.
  8. Hi, my new Thule roof rack and footpack dont fit my 06 S Max Ive spoken to Thule and The Vendor and they both say its the right part. Seems VERY odd that the plastic feet dont fit snuggly into the recess, and that the feet end in two teeth that will focus all the weight of the roof rack. The 3030 foot pack instructions say its for the 06 car and show the feet ive been delivered. But when I match them up to the roof recesses the bolt lines up but that is about it. This ones got me really scratching my head. Help most appreciated!
  9. ive spoken to thule and the vendor again and they are politely adament that it is correct. they seem like good people so can anybody assure me this weird looking set up is okay?
  10. thanks - the first one looks right. I actually showed them a pic on the web which they dismissed but now ive had another look at it and what ive got im sure they are talking rubbish. v alarming to send them pics and get a polite but dangerously uninformed (it seems) response. S
  11. Hello all Im on the very edge of spending around 11 to 12k on the new family car. Im sure its gonna be an S Max. Nothing else comes close whether its space, looks or drivability. But should i go for a Petrol version with 20k on the clock or the diesel which has to have done around 37k before i can afford it. I wanted something fairly low milage. Were going to keep it for years and years, and im gonna be P*ssed off if it starts to rattle and squeek (im a bit OCD about dashboard rattles). Im not worried about engines. They are generally bullet proof these days. Its that general quality feel. The quiteness on the motor way, the feel of the suspension, the little dashboard rattles. Ive never spent this much on a car in my life and i want to feel ive spent it right. If i buy a Diesel for under £12k which has done 37000m will i regret it in a few years. Sure I save a few quid on road tax but will those extra miles matter to me in 2012? I think it will do about 5 to 7k miles a year with us. Isnt it right that to make a diesel worth the £ I should be doing about 12k miles a year. Then again... if i did by a diesel id probably get the £ back in the resale. The main point is that for the budget i have does it matter that im looking at a 40k miles diesel. At the moment im holding out for a low milage petrol, but they keep making me offers on the more common diesels and im drooling. Should i just give in? Cheers S