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  1. Hiya fella you need an ISO lead for a 2001 ford fiesta it simply connects to the ford loom and then to the stereo you can get one off ebay or halfords for about a tenner simply plug and play no wire cutting or anything hope this helps
  2. Which Is The Best.

    Meguiars endurance high gloss tyre protection gel for me looks exellent don't flick all over the body work either and lasts at least three to four weeks
  3. My Fiesta's Come Home!

    Glad you got it back fella good luck with it this time :)
  4. Had A Big Shock On My Day Trip To Essex Yesterday

    Yep there are loads around here might be something to do with Fords factory at Dagenham and the ford employee discount scheme LOL
  5. How Can Active My Gear Indicator Led 2009 Mk7

    I agree can't see the point tbh think we all know when to change gear ???? might be usefull on a learner car maybe
  6. The New Car

    Looks exellent mate i do like that color blue i know how you feel about your st i sold my one to it was just to exspensive to run took a while to get used to the fiesta after the focus but i must say i'm loving it now and has saved me a fortune good luck with your new car fella B)
  7. They look cool me thinks stand out well on a dark car nice one
  8. Mk7 Zetec-S Boot Mat

    Looks realy good mate well done
  9. Couple Of Questions Re: Fiesta Zetec S Mk7

    Thanks for that stevo just ordered a set for mine well worth the money
  10. Sony Ericsson X10 Mini/mini Pro

    I have the vivaz and the phone works fine with my bluetooth shouldn't be any probs :D
  11. S1600 Views

    i think they are nice a bit differn't not sure about the white wheels must be a nightmare to keep clean but apart from that get a thumbs up from me
  12. Intro/new Fiesta

    welcome fellow essex person :P
  13. S1600 Arrived

    There is a blue one in essex ford on the a127 near southend essex not to sure about it myself each to there own i suppose
  14. Was an exellent day not enough stalls really selling stuff no one said hello so apart from michael did anyone else go ???