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  1. Sorry I meant to put that in my thread. I can't remember the name as it was a couple of weeks back and it's been plugged into the lighter socket since then. I bought a universal hardwire kit for it which has a live wire coming from it that you can connect to a fuse adapter (comes with various different sizes) and a black earth wire with a copper horseshoe on the end of it, as well as a pack of 5 amp fuses.
  2. Hi guys I have recently bought a rear-facing camera for my wife's 2017 Kuga and I can't for the life of me work out how to wire it into the rear fuse box as she doesn't want to leave it on all the time and doesn't want to have to keep plugging it in and un-plugging it all the time. I've got a hardwiring kit, but I am not mechanically minded and even worse when it comes to electrics. Has anyone wired their camera into the rear fuse box and if so how did you manage to do it? Clear and simple instructions would be much appreciated, as I said I'm about as good with mechanics and elect
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