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  1. Hi just rule out that the whistle isn’t underneath car / under your feet , don’t know what year your car is but there are two small rubber pipes that go from dpf to sensor on bulkhead and they are prone to split , it would trigger the eml , new fuel line hose fits if this is your problem
  2. Hi I didn’t measure but a standard size wood clothes peg pushed in proper way up as you would peg it onto a line is a snug perfect fit between glass and roofline as for fit above light clusters , the boot is very slightly lower than wings above the light cluster but roughly carry’s on the curve
  3. Hi again , you mentioned traffic lights , im not sure where youre driving but if the car isnt getting up and out where it can travel at reasonably high speeds it can develop dpf problems like a clogging of the fuel feed / vapouriser, car could be trying to clean too often , it may not be dpf but if you suspect it is then pour in a dpf cleaner on a pretty full tank and take it for a good hours drive and get up the speed for a good part of it and it should settle down , as if it doesnt clean out it will send bad signals to exhaust sensor and headaches will begin
  4. On that have to say the Xbox 1 Is a tough machine , doesn’t seeM to go wrong 👍
  5. Constantly pressing buttons on stereo because I hate almost all modern music finding new dents that magically appear on my car , usually after a supermarket the feeling of doom after announcing to somebody that the car has never ran so good
  6. sounds like your car is perfoming soot burning / dpf
  7. Hi im new and apologise if i am repeating whats already known or if topic is too long , i bought a 2007 tdci 2.0 mondeo with an engine warning light on dash that i ignored and i also noticed the car struggled to stay up in temperature and suspected the cooling fan didnt work , as they almost never do for me . i purchased a basic code reader and the code seemed emission related, which i ignored but planned to sort with a new thermostat etc, a few weeks later and still no thermostat purchased i heard a loud hiss of air underneath , one of the two pipes from the dpf to the exhaust sensor at
  8. thanks very much , finally got past the dpf
  9. Hi this may or may not help but if the coolent is getting past the cap along bottle neck or vapours are escaping past the seal a few passes of plumbers tape on the bottle treads will solve it and re seal the cap / long or short term
  10. Hi , I am glad to join the community , I always seem to be fixing a car rather than spending proper money buying a good one , owned quite a few older and modern fords and now have a mondeo with a dpf from hell .
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