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  1. Happy to hear! Good luck with the new car
  2. Thats terrible im so sorry youve had no luck 😞
  3. I would make sure you have your video ready to show the mechanic this was exactly what i had to do, even better if you know the time and date that he will be there you can take the car for a long drive first so he can hear it first hand They only actioned my repair after their head mechanic and service manager heard it for themselves
  4. Honestly they will try everything possible to no fault a car, thats why i had my car making the noise when i got to the dealership and asked a member of staff to hear it
  5. Hopefully they get to the bottom of it this time!
  6. Yeah almost exactly the same as mine was!
  7. Yeah no worries 🙂 hopefully you get some answers Keep me updated!
  8. If its making that exact noise which goes away when you press the clutch then you need to book it into the dealer asap, explain the clutch slipping at higher speeds and if you can try to have the car making the noise when you attend the dealership Id reccomend going on a motorway drive and record from the front left wheel (the gearbox is behind this wheel) and see if the noise is constant or goes when you press the clutch The only other symptom i had was when accelerating hard in first that sometimes the car would very harshly engine break and throw me forward That is a video
  9. I swear this sounds almost exactly the same as mine did, i have a clearer video of the noise i had as i recorded it right next to the front left wheel
  10. Mine accelerates normally and smoothly so i dont have the slight pause you mentioned, i will listen out for the noises when parking 😊
  11. Funnily enough mine sounds exactly the same, i think its more to do with the engine revs rather than the clutch / gearbox, is it only when your engine breaking im guessing?
  12. I have an ST line X and my neighbor reversed into my car with a towbar and completely broke my grille I managed to call peoples ford for a replacement and it was £116 I ended up buying it from ebay for £82
  13. Seems you have a bit of experience with this kind of issue, is there a certain procedure you must follow for it to start making the noise? Mine had to be either driven for a long time to allow the engine and gearbox to be warm or a short motorway drive The reason i ask is the mechanic will only drive it around the block and if they cant hear it on a 1 mile drive they will no fault it so if the problem is all the time then youll be fine but if its intermittent then the dealership will do everything to not pay for the repair
  14. Thats the problem with the dealers if it doesnt immediately show the fault they will keep it on their yard for the day and say no fault found Despite telling them 4 times the rattle only occured on mine after a 10 15 min motorway drive they never ever drove it In the end i took it on a drive and had it doing the knocking noise by the time i got it to the service dealership and refused to leave until someone confirmed it shouldnt sound that way, 3 days later they replaced my clutch and it has been fine since
  15. Hi guys Finally got my car back from ford They ended up replacing the clutch and flywheel as the clutch bearing had about half an inch of play Hope this helps anyone else 😊
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