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  1. Let me preface this by saying that I am aware that some features require hardware however I'm just wondering where I'd find the hardware and what hardware I actually need to make some of the features work if necessary, I really just need an opinion and advice on the stuff I have enabled. I own a MK8 Ford Fiesta Zetec 2017 1.1L N/A (My first car). I have enabled the following: bdyCM - Auto Lock Vehicle [?] IPC - Auto Lock [?] IPC - Rain Sensor [?] IPC - Launch Control [N] MyView Performance Screen [N] Vehicle Graphic Resource (Type 7) [W] Menu - Tra
  2. Hello all, I quite like the look of the ST-Line's exterior and would like to replicate that on my own car if possible. I have a Race-Red, 2017, MK8 Ford Fiesta Zetec (The N/A version sadly) and I'm from the UK. I am not a fan of the MK8 Zetec's front bumper and would like to replace it with an ST-Line version however is this actually possible? By the looks of it, the holes for lights and mounting points seem to be similar (from online images). Essentially, I was wondering whether it is possible to convert the front bumper of my MK8 Zetec to an ST-Line/ST front bumper.
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