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  1. Hey guys ,i have a good news ,everything went perfectly. I get the Bluetune stage1 for my Fiesta 1.0 100 Ecoboost mk8 . The remap 95 ron ( in Italy the standard Is this), litterally changes the car. In third gear the little girl pushes continuously, it seems to be towed by a group of horses , finally I don't have to downshift continuously (fourth / third) and I can overtake in complete safety.When you push down in 2nd and 3rd and a Little in 4th she pushes you to the seat quite violently, a really good push and am really satisfied. the noise of the filter has increased even more a
  2. Very good , i have ramair dry panel ,complete silicone and aluminium intake and turbo elbow . I Hope gain 55/60 hp
  3. Dte tell me if the remap Change the throttle parameters ,the pedal box don't run ,so i must remove the dte pedalbox and remap . If the remap don't change parameters ,i can run pedalbox
  4. Guys i installed the dte pedalbox in december 2020 and im very satisfaited. When the SCC bluetune arrive , i must uninstall the pedalbox ,do remap and reinstall pedalbox or i can di remap with pedalboxe installed?
  5. I am sure to stop at stage 1 i Need only this for my Drive stile and for our street.
  6. I saw a lot of people have problems with pumaspeed ,for the assistence
  7. I Need to search on facebook Pages so. Yes ut comes with 4 Maps ,stage 1 and 2 normale ,stage 1 and 2 overrun but Rob Oldman ,the owner of Scc and pilot, Say me the overrun don't work with gpf but only with decat. Damn gpf
  8. yes, I guess it could get to me first, so you have them do the remapping and also buy the bluetune device for the future stage 2? I follow their page on facebook but have not seen anyone who has reviewed the bluetune.
  9. Thank you Kenny ,i am in Italy so i ordered the bluetune device for get the map myself. I don't know when it arrive so i pray you to get your review 🙂. Thank you .
  10. Good morning ,anyone have remapped the Fiesta 1.0T Ecoboost 100 euro 6.2 with the SCC bluetune from Impressions?
  11. Hi everyone ,i am Carlo from Italy ,i have mk8 st-line 1.0 100cv with gpf.
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