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  1. Mk3 Starting It Second Time Round

    funny fucka !!!!
  2. hi i have a ford mondeo mk3 lx on a 52 reg in the morning it starts first time its when i go back to it after dropping my son off at school go to start it and it just turns you have to give it a bit throttle to start it. Any ideas anyone??? cheers do these have a automatic choke ? or is it the fuel regulator ? had the crank shaft sensor changed too.
  3. In Car Boot Button Sometimes Works On My Mk3

    cheers mate will do
  4. the button inside the car seems to have a mind of its own, sometimes it works and other times it doesnt wondering is there a sequence that you have to do with the button such as the button only works when the engine is off?? lol or is there a fuse that could need replacing?? because it works everytime on the key fob as you can see am clutching at straws to what it could be. cheers
  5. Starting My Mk3 Mondeo

    on a morning i can get in the car and start 1st time then take my son to school come back to the car and it will just turn for bit if you give it a bit throttle it starts. just wondering what the prob could be ????? took it to the garage and he thought the reason was the crankshaft sensor fitted new one and still the same was thinking could it be the automatic choke sticking or the sensor ??? if so how much would it cost cos i have noticed the fuel consumption is not to good if i put £10 in with the petrol at £1.17 a ltr i get around 40miles before the petrol light comes on and get 23 miles on the petol light thats as far as i have pushed the petrol light lol. cheers
  6. Mk3 Indicator Installation

    you think the fact that its bleeping means that the other components are there except the right clocks? just i can see in the lcd part the mpg and cruise icons are there lol cheers
  7. Ford Mondeo 1.8Lx 52 Reg Crankshaft Sensor

    thanks very much, might have a look at doing that then cheers
  8. Vibration

    discs usually warp due to sitting with the foot brake on for periods of time , that much heat on one place on the disc, had the same prob when i had me focus learnt the hard way lol
  9. hi just wondering how much the crank shaft sensor would be and how much to fit if anyone has had it done ? cheers
  10. Mk3 Indicator Installation

    no prob mate cheers for the help the indicator just bleeps when you press it lol
  11. Mk3 Indicator Installation

    hi bought a ghia indicator stalk with the info button on, installed it and doesnt work on my model the lx 52 reg anyone want to buy a indicator stalk for £13 £2.50 postage ??????????????????????????
  12. Mk3 Indicator Installation

  13. Esp Button

    lol aye
  14. Mk3 Indicator Installation

    hello have you any idea how you take the casing off the steering wheel havnt got a clue and havnt got a haynes manual either cheers
  15. Mk3 Indicator Installation

    have you any idea how i take the casing round the steering wheel off i havnt been able to buy a haynes manual yet cheers