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  1. Hmm, I wondered if the build date could be 1st March - but the 11th and 12th letters of my VIN are MJ - which I thought was M=2021 J=Jan ? (It makes sense though that Jan 1 on the (draft) contract was just manually inputted by the dealer, maybe as a placeholder.)
  2. Hi, I am excited to be picking up my new ST-Line (Australian version) on Monday. I have been emailed the contract (not signed yet, but with a VIN) and it shows: Build Date: 1/1/2021 Compliance Date: 3/2021 But on ETIS it says the the Build Date is: 01.03.2021 (I thought this date format makes it 1st of March, but I guess it's 3rd January.) 1. Why is the contract Build Date different from ETIS? 2. Can I trace what date the boat left Germany and arrived in Australia? I couldn't find this info on ETIS. Thanks.
  3. Just on this step - wouldn't it be better to have the ignition off when you disconnect the positive terminal - then turn the key to on position (not start engine position)... to avoid sparks while removing the lead with the circuit on? Also not sure how this would work with a push button start engine. But yeah, easier to use Forscan if you know what you're doing.
  4. Thanks very much; my friend will try this. Every 3 months is a lot - is there something faulty with this transmission or a certain build of it? His is a 2019 model (I wrongly said 2020 before).
  5. Thank you - very interesting that you can recalibrate the transmission - that might fix it! Is this guide definitely for the latest 8-speed torque converter box (not DCT or other) on the Mk4? What do these clutches do? - lock up the torque converter intermittently? With the procedure: After you've done the reset with forscan, and then the exact steps of the D-R x5 part (and repeat)... Is it also important to do the exact steps on the driving part in the exact order - or can there be a bit of variance? (It sounds like it might be difficult in some traffic to accelerate, halt, let the car
  6. He took it to the dealer again - they found no faults and said it was the same as another car they compared it with. But his son's ST-Line (same engine and transmission, but his is a lower-spec 'Trend') has only a faint click on shifts. Has anyone come across a problem like this (maybe transmission or mounting related)?
  7. Hi my friend in Australia has had no luck so far with his Ford dealer on this - does anyone have an idea? (Australian 2020 model with 8-speed auto, 1.5L turbo petrol.) - started as occasional soft clicking noise when auto transmission changes gears, mainly changing down like when pressing accelerator - seems to be getting worse - recently heard clunk noise when manually selecting Reverse or Drive after starting up (with window down in garage) - dealer found nothing obviously wrong but will be having another look - suggested CV axle. owner suspects engine mounts - also
  8. Yes I think it was planned to launch it here with IRS, but it didn't come until MY21. I actually waited 6 months longer to order because they announced IRS would be included in the next MY. I actually had it confirmed in writing that my order had IRS (and also build date 2021, not just MY or compliance date) - because there was some confusion in Australia about when IRS was to be included. Yeah reviews say the torsion beam system is very good but IRS will be nice to have and I look forward to trying it out - never had it before. My current 2004 Nissan Pulsar has the simplest straight
  9. In Australia we don't have the ST-Line X (they do in New Zealand). But all Mk4 Focuses here have always had the 1.5L 182 - except our ST (all 2.3L), and the Ambiente which was cancelled within one month of being released and had the 1.5L non-turbo. So our ST-Line has the 182, but now only has the 17 inch wheels, and is probably missing a bunch of other standard and optional stuff that your ST-Line X has. It does however now come standard with the multi-link independent rear suspension in MY21... The 182 motor (and the IRS) was important to me - first new car I've bought and I wanted the e
  10. What about cruising along at about 80kmh/50mph on a flat road and easing off the throttle a little bit at a time, a few mph lower - can you feel or hear the cylinder deactivate? (Seems to happen to some people at different speeds for different engine sizes as talked about in the cylinder deactivation thread above.)
  11. I think there's 2 separate things people were talking about. The first was maybe just people not being used to the 8 gears and how they try to keep the RPM so low for economy, and the second people noticing the cylinder deactivation, which I guess can compound the 'indecisive' feeling of the transmission.
  12. Sounds fun and good to hear you've had no problems but I'd only consider it if I find the factory performance lacking and after more research. Also I thought it's possible that the newer the build and firmware, the more likely logs are kept somewhere of tuning flashes, especially with the modem-connected cars. Oh, and do you have the auto or manual?
  13. Yeah, the AutoWeek article says new emission calculations show it isn't worth including overall anymore (I read only 1 mile/per gallon difference somewhere). Not sure if this is only for the Netherlands and I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere else yet. I think this article was also the first to break the news of the Vignale being cancelled. See the link and discussion in this thread:
  14. Still waiting to see if cylinder deactivation is being cancelled on all 1.0L/1.5L Ecoboosts (as an article from AutoWeek in the Netherlands 3 weeks ago seemed to be saying). This new UK price list also has quite a few changed CO2 emission ratings. Some go up and some down... I can't see a pattern that would indicate this might be due to cylinder deactivation being cancelled.
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