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  1. thanks its one more thing to try it must be something along those lines as the fact that they noise does not happen when the breaks are applied even slightly i will do that as soon as i can then i will get back to you thanks for your time to reply to this if this is the prob i will put this everywhere i know cos i know focus are famous for it just like the old mk2 for water ingress in the front passenger footwell lol fun times but would not change it for anyting
  2. Hi there folks how are you all doing i had the Focus 1.8 TDci . 2005 model and now i have the ST2 asbo orange 2005 model both were 55 plates as i say the car will make a rattle noise when going over bumps or uneaven surfaces but if you are using the breaks at all there is no noise. it sounds as if it is coming from underneath the car. any thoughts folks? there has been no suspension mods to the car or any mods at all read up it could be the caliper pins? any help would be great guys cos its really annoying me . i have to play the radio loud to ignore it thanks guys
  3. Yellow Headlights

    same as above. from what i hear is it the reflector that is causing the yellowish tint so i would go to a yard or store and get the head units and replace them. if you are wanting a brighter light have a look into Osram or Ring lights. they are up to 90% brighter and whiter they are HID as in the bulbs are filled with Xenon but not the true HID system. i used them in my old focus before i got the ST2 and it makes a massive diffrence. would also consider getting the DRL ( day running lights) they are nice and set the car off nice. one word of warning dont get the strips that are flexible and you just add them . vandals can easy just push them through and break them get the solid strips in a cluster and as for the angle lights. unless you are willing to spend silly money on the proper ones i would not bother. the cheap ones use four leds around the lights to make it look like the true ones but you can notice it a mile away hope this helps
  4. Hi folks hope we all had a nice Xmas and a great new year happy new year to all __________________________________ just got me a ST2 2005 (55plate) i need to replace the side lights. getting the main screws off is not a problem but there appear to be a small screw. allen key or that?? can someone help me to buy sommit to get these off or give advice on how to do it thanks in advance david
  5. Black St2 Alloys Or Rs Alloys

    hi there got the st2 asbo looking to replace the wheels and tyres wanting them black but what you think? think it would look good? the tires are fine but you think i should just do the powder coating and get the ones i have repaired and sprayed black? would really like your thoughts on this. any one know any cheap places in glasgow? thanks
  6. Chip In Windscreen

    liking the replys had it done once a year ago to my old car. its cracked wide open and they replaced it like for like didnt even ask what i had or so on. the insurance company didnt even really take notice in it just the glass company done it all will get onto it soon but. it came along at the right time i think keep the stories coming. good tip about sending photos for the clear windscreen heaters to sprove its a standard
  7. Chip In Windscreen

    Cool - its weird sometime how far companies will go to save a buck its with elephant. i had a replacment last year of a non heated screen and was ok I think i will go down that route and just pay the £70 for it cheers
  8. Chip In Windscreen

    yeah i know it needs done the heated windscreen i standard for my model and i am 100% sure they will put on what they take off
  9. Chip In Windscreen

    Hi folks I have the ST2 with heated quick clear front windscreen Some of the elements on the quick clear dont work I have noticed a chip today and its spreading here is the Question Do i A: Get a free repair and keep the problem with the elements that are not working on the windscreen OR OR OR OR OR B: Wait to see if it spreads any futher and call insurance pay £70 and have a brand new window with all heating elements in the windscreen working ?? let me know your opinion folks thanks
  10. Shark Fin Ariel

    hi there my ST2 anyone think it would suit a sharkfin ariel on it? anyone know where is best to buy?
  11. hi folks now got the ST2 2005 plate (14/11/2005) the book says it should have global opening and closing anyone know if this is right and how i use it ? Do i have to enable it in the on board comp?? thanks guys
  12. cheers mate the usual a quick £$ i have the ST now so happy as. its weird tho. the ST i have parked right behind my TDci. Looks amazing. think will get a wee shot of it to mark me passing it on
  13. hi there folks i have just now my 1.8 tdci with my private plate on it i am buying a ST2 and my dad is buying my TDci when i apply to put my plate on the ST will the DVLA auto send me out a nw reg for the TDci my dad will own? thanks guys
  14. Help Needed Please

    hi there folks when i put my front drivers window up it makes a cracking/banging noise. now it just does not really work. i think the motor is fine its just come off the runner. I have a 2005 Focus 55 plate electric windows how do i remove the door panel? i hear mention of buying a kit to do it safely. do i need this? any help and even pics of where and how to remove the panel and get access to the runner would be helpfull guys as usual thanks in advance
  15. hi there the car i have is the 2005 (55 Plate ) 1.8 TDci ford focus . done 65k miles. thinking on getting the belt done but does anyone know if it is a belt or a chain? cheers for your time guys