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  1. I just had a play with the nav and set a destination and it worked, I assumed it wouldn't because before make the previous changes you stated it never did it, just need to get it all final fitted now great, is the multi trip system an upgrade to the screen or does something need changing in the cluster settings?
  2. This is the screen I have. There is a B in that location on the line in the as built apim module
  3. Just sorting the kids out then will have a look. The screen is the ome with the pic of car on one side and the single trip on other that shows distance till empty, mpg average and instant. Will take a pic in a bit
  4. @Steevo25You SUPERSTAR that worked great and with the change for park assist I now have the sensor pic back, is there any way I can get nav directions sent to the clock dial screen or would that be an upgrade to the screen?
  5. Fisrt impression is it worked as changed the display in clocks to black now
  6. Thats what I was doing from a back up, but tried on focccus now and looks like its writing the data i am changing so fingers crossed
  7. Tried putting the setting back and it now says writing blocks failed incompatible configuration?
  8. I did try this first in focccus but some of them would not let me change the values. Will have to look for the specific titles in the forscan control config one
  9. In car entertainment changed to high level audio system with SYNC 2/3 from high level cd and am/fm radio branded and bluetooth hands free to SYNC G2/3 from SYNC G1
  10. Ok so I have changed them so sync 2/3 system but still the same as far as they can hear me but I cannot hear them. So guess I need sync 2 acm🤔
  11. I cannot seem to find the module to access the acm. It shows up in the module list for the hs/ms but when I click on the micro chip looking tile there is no acm module to log in to
  12. I will take a picture once I get 10 min what pics do you actually want? The actual acm unit or it in place
  13. I only got the screen, apim and usb/sd media hub. Which turned out to be faulty so I had to get another usb/sd media hub. I was hoping to be able to keep my acm as I have the 9 speaker sony system and reading other posts the sound quality is not as good on the sync 2 acm.
  14. Tbh I am fine with not having the TMC if I cannot have it, although the wires from the main acm plug where already switched to the other plug
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