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  1. Would these run through the clock spring under the steering wheel and break the circuit SASM the original fault wile driving was the traction control light fault came up first then engine malfunction
  2. I need to locate where this runs to it goes in loom down passenger floor and some splits across to centre console I need to find the other end without stripping the car air to locate it
  3. The only bit I’m stuck with is finding the other end off the can link from the engine plug blue/white wires runs into a loom and goes under the carpet
  4. I’ve checked pins 6-7 on the BCM an I get 120 ohms where the blue plug connects
  5. Ok I’ve checked the can bus wiring and all checks out ok from the DLC to blue plug on BCM I stuck a loop in pins 6-7 on BCM plug and then checked resistance at the DLC pin 6-14 and 2.5 ohms the 2 lots off can wires on the white plug what was confusing me , loop back to the plug after running off up the door puller and back again
  6. The 23 ohms is gone it as a plug on the BCM im back to 133 ohms on 6-14 can the white plug in the picture seam to have double the can bus Same wires
  7. Found the blue plug on the BCM wasn’t connected properly I have ignition and same faults and 133 ohms still on obd plug im thinking the BCM could be the fault as it all passé through it is there any way off checking certain terminals to check the resistance through it
  8. I’ve now plugged everything back in and checked pins 6-14 obd plug now have 26 ohms only ,so I’ve reconnected the battery to see if it will start , and now I have no ignition the stereo and dash lights up and the remote key locking all work, maybe the can bus is to low on resistance I can’t get ignition or there is more then 1 broken wire ?
  9. There is another pair of wires on on the other end of the plug in the picture
  10. Hi I’ve done the check on the abs and black plug 124ohms with the pcm plugged in the other side of that black plug is open circuit that were not the same wires I was checking before there seams to be two sets on the other white plug
  11. I have 120 ohms on abs conector and black plug end i though there was a resistor in the ecu so it should be 120ohms I have 2 lots of blue/white wires in foot well on different plugs the other side of that black plug I have open circuit
  12. Ok cheers will take a look Saturday some time so would the male side off that plug run back to the obd plug or does it go through the BCM first
  13. Ok the black plug in the first picture has can link wires white, white/blue and they run through the bulkhead into the engine bay ive tested the wires white to white to the pcm and abs and both read ok on resistance but if I cross over from one end only say I am on the plain white wire on the black plug and check the white pin terminal at pcm is ok, but if I move across to the blue/white pin abs end only that’s when I get high resistance so I’m going from white at one end and over to b/W the other end so that would be normal or are there wires touching each over
  14. Ok done some checks to ecu and abs can link , blue and white from large black plug in foot well and on on wire ok but is getting High resistance on the pin next to it is there anything else on the circuit I think I have 2 wires touching each other somewhere
  15. It’s ok I know where that is passenger wing I will do some test on that side and let you know
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