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  1. focus 2005 water leak

    remove your light. then put the screw back in the clip, then pull out the clip with some pliers around the head of the screw. you might have to turn it slightly to pull out through the hole in the body I stripped mine out completely and pushed out from underneath as i did not want to mark the paint. If your careful you still should be able to do it. I went the long way around. LOL
  2. focus 2005 water leak

    RAIDER i would not recommend silicone around the clips. silicone will only cure for a short period of time. it lifts as it don't stick to metal. This is the first part to replace as these are common area where they leak. The Finis code is on the bag. once you have replaced these, if you still have a leak the hinge area is where it can leak. let me know how it goes and i will add up another picture of the next area to repair if needed.
  3. Ford Focus 56 Plate Stone Chip Problems

    I know of two products that will definately protect your paint. I had it fitted on lots of areas on my car from New to protect mine from stone chips. It works well and is fitted on some cars from brand new around areas such as rear arches and lower bumper areas. Expensive car owners would go down this route. Aston Martin/Porche/Ferrari . So this shows how good it is. Its saved mine from damage. ;) Paintshield (Grantham) Armourfend (Essex) we have used both and the product is made by Scotch 3M (Quality) its a layer of film which is easy to remove and replace if required. photos on request.
  4. New Member From Nottingham

    do you want to swap. ;) i like the new white fiesta's
  5. Leak From Hatch

    I cant see this curing a leak on the hinges. rubber band? so how does this form a seal. could you explain.
  6. Leak From Hatch

    GreyMack, check out this thread. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9769&st=15 it is a known problem for a while now. let us know what they find. what year is your car? ive been told this has been happening on the latest shape too.
  7. Help! water ingress in boot

    thanks for your reply mgowl. would be nice to see where you mean as this could help others with this problem. if you could. ;)
  8. Help! water ingress in boot

    Yes but this is not the only place water can get in. I have found out that the New facelift model has the same problem. They leak at the top of roof line
  9. Ford Focus 51 - Facelift Or Not?

    running gear id say is the same. It was body features that was changed on the facelift. I had a 51 reg on the facelift. TDCI was a new engine too on the facelift.also the facelift has mouldings in the bumpers. 2002 was the facelift launch. so prior to march 2002 you would get the 51 prefix.
  10. Help! water ingress in boot

    right then stevewright, hodges9566 and mgowl. To change the rear tailgate clips is a bit of a pain, especially if you dont want to scratch your paint. here it the part number where you have to get only from Ford.( F1211807 086210 Nut-Adjusti ) Im telling you that this will not cure the problem. I Know. To get the clips out without damage to paintwork around the clip. remove parcel shelf push rear seat forward remore rear parcel shelf plastic trim remove pillar roof lining push the clips up from underneath. the new ones go in and compress the sponge type seal. then rebuild and wait for the rain. It will not be the end of your problem. not good how the clip is set in a channel where water runs constant. nightmare.
  11. Steering Assist Failure

    Take it into the dealer mate. Tell them that you have been told there has been a recall on this issue. Mine had to go in to be checked on an 06 reg. Ford was having to check the early mk2 shape and fitting a new ,union joint if required or checking that the joint has been tightened. dont let them fob you off. it has to come under warranty as a recall issue.
  12. Hi to all you Ford fans. Hope i can give advise and get advise. ;) I drive a Focus ST, and its my forth Focus.
  13. focus 2005 water leak

    A few more seem to be getting the same issue with the tailgate leak. Ford say the warranty is only for one year, as this is classed as trim. Disgusting if you ask me. how could Ford say this on a recent model and how could an owner be responsible to pay for a flaw in their prodution process. Has anyone else had this issue? Maybe this would need a few owners to come out and scream for them to listen. Its obvious that Ford has to stand the cost.