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    ford focus ghia td di
  1. Blower/fan

    thanks neil ,no it does not work on any setting
  2. Blower/fan

    hi i've got a 1999 focus and up until last week my fan/blower was working , now its just died on me i have checked the fuses and they all seem fine that's the one under the bonnet and behind the glove box. anyone have any ideas, thanks in advance..
  3. 1999 Ford Focus 1.8 Tddi

    is it an obd2 port
  4. 1999 Ford Focus 1.8 Tddi

    yes it is any ideas of a name
  5. 1999 Ford Focus 1.8 Tddi

    Hello all, Just wondering if somone could help me with a little problem, i have this contector (below) and was wondering what it is? its location is just below the steering wheel. thanks for looking
  6. "open Door" Warning Light

    i have the same problem with my focus ghia tddi 1999
  7. Steering Problem

    fluid and tyre presures are fine where is the p/s pump
  8. Steering Problem

    hi all ,i have a 1999 focus tddi and i have a problem with the steering, for starters its a little heavy, but the main reason i am asking for advice is that as you are driving and try turning to the left there is a slight hesitation before it goes into the turn its a bit hard to explain but any help will be appreciated.
  9. Scangauge 11

    hi,just wondering if anyone knows if a scangauge 2 will work on my ford focus 1.8 tddi (1999 t plate)
  10. Trip Computer

    hi everyone, i have a 1999 ford focus ghia tddi which i want to fit a trip computer to,can this be done and if so how any help will be appreciated
  11. Ford Focus 1.8 Ghia Tddi

    just wondering if anyone can help me i have a ford focus 1.8 ghia tddi 1999. by the rear view mirror is a little keyboard with numbers on it.it looks part of the alarm but i not sure. thanks in advance.
  12. Ford Focus

    i've got a ford focus 1.8 ghia td di on a t plate ,i've had it for about a month last week i put £20.00 of diesel in and i have done 120 miles out of it i think it works out to about 31 mpg. i think its low all my driving is in town stop start.please help.