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  1. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    I couldn't find the answer in a search so I thought I'd ask. Are the synthetic wool wash mitts worth a buy? Are they as good or nearly as good as lamb's wool mitts? I was in Halfrauds and saw a wash mitt made of the wool of a sheep but it was £7.99 :o - is that any good? Synthetic wool wash mitt Cheers for any advice.
  2. 1.6 Tdci (90) Vs. 1.6 Tdci (95)

    I've recently upgraded from the 1.6 TDCi (90) to the new 1.6 TDCi (95) + DPF and have a question about the performance. In the new motor, acceleration at low revs (below 1,750) is much slower than in my previous car. This seems more pronounced after a cold start before the engine has warmed up. When the engine speed [finally] exceeds 1,750 there is a sudden surge of power like a really long turbo lag. I have misjudged the time required for me to pull away and cross a gap in oncoming traffic several times because of this! I'm wondering, is this just a characteristic of the 1.6 TDCi (95) - what's it like for others, especially if you have experience with both engines? Is this something to do with the DPF causing increased exhaust pressures and a drawback of having one? Or is it because it's only covered just over 300 miles so not run in yet and too soon to be concerned about? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Run It In Hard!

    OK so I've had my brand new 11 plate Titanium 1.6 TDCi just over a week. It replaced my 09 plate Zetec 1.6 TDCi which I had from new as well. I decided to go with the 'run it in hard' option under the belief it'll bed the piston rings in better as explained in the link at the beginning of this thread. Only with the engine fully warmed up I have accelerated up to 5,000 revs (just short of the rev limit) in 2nd or 3rd gear and immediately let off the gas to let the car decelerate to about 1,500 revs on its own without braking. I've repeated this several times and only when safe to do so on quiet roads without a problem until today. I accelerated in 3rd gear, the difference this time being I was going up a hill and had a passenger. Going up a hill and this time with the additional weight of a passenger, of course, this increased the load on the engine and it did not make it to 5,000 revs and settled around 4,500, realising that this was all it would give, just before I could step off the gas, the engine did it for me! The warning tone sounded and the dreaded "Engine malfunction - service now" message appeared on the display. At this time I was approaching the crest of the hill and a roundabout so was decelerating anyway, however, at the roundabout the engine speed was stuck at 1,500 and would not drop any lower nor go any higher (the accelerator pedal was dead). I needed to get out of the way of car making its way up the hill so tried to pull away but the car shuddered and chugged at about 10 mph until I found a safe place to stop about 200 yards away. The warning message and 'engine cog' symbol were still displayed. I assume the car had entered 'limp mode' to prevent damage to the engine. When I stopped, the revs settled back to normal idling speed and the warning message disappeared. I then turned the engine off to let the engine cool in case it had overheated. I popped the bonnet for a look and to give the engine some cool air but there was no steam or bad smells. After about a quarter of an hour I fired up the engine; it sounded normal, operated normally and there was no warning message. The car had about 300 miles on the clock at the time. It has been fine since. Does anyone know what might have happened and whether I've caused any damage?
  4. Anyone Seen An 11 Plate Fiesta Yet?

    I've seen quite a few. The first one I saw was on the 16th February with transit plates also on display which I didn't know was possible. I also saw a new Polo the other day with only showroom plates that read, "Polo" - no legal plates, including transit plates, were displayed! I don't whether someone stole it from a showroom or what lol. Since Friday I have my own 11 plate Fiesta to look at :D
  5. Run It In Hard!

    I've searched the forum for previous discussions on the topic of running in a brand new engine but couldn't find reference to a certain web page detailing how and why it is best to run it in hard rather than gently. This subject seems to polarise opinion and is much debated. Countless other forums have referred to this web page but I want to know what fellow Fiesta owners think and more importantly, how they ran theirs in from new. Opinions from non Fiesta owners welcome too! What do you think to the method outlined on this web page? What did you do with your new engine and why? (Please vote) 'The link'
  6. Longer Wiper Blade

    Not long after I first got my car a passenger pointed out how short the left wiper blade was. I said, "Oh yeah, it is isn't it? I don't need to look through that part of the windscreen to drive so didn't notice. Why do you need to see the way ahead anyway, I'm the one driving?" "I like to see where I'm going." they replied. "Slouch then." I told them. Problem solved!
  7. Dealer Fitted Spoiler

    Where did you get it from? That seems rather good value.
  8. Dealer Fitted Spoiler

    Thanks for your reply. They're not going to welcome me trying to knock them down further on price (although I will anyway). I think my dealer are a particularly expensive one as they wanted over a hundred just to fit front and rear mud flaps!
  9. Dealer Fitted Spoiler

    How much should I pay for a dealer fitted spoiler, the same spoiler as on the Zetec S and dress up kits? I know of one person to get one painted and fitted for £300 but my dealer has quoted £380 and said that's the cheapest they can do it for when buying the spoiler at trade price (if I'm to believe that). If anyone with knowledge of this can give advice, that would be much appreciated. Thanks. :)
  10. To Those That Own Midnight Sky

    Thanks for the photos. So do people think it's grey or blue when comparing to Sea Grey? I'd start a poll if I could work out how do it from my phone. :-s
  11. To Those That Own Midnight Sky

    That's what I thought and it looks blue in most photos I've found. It looks very much like Sea Grey in Slappyhaze's photos though, which I like very much, but this has confused me a little. I wonder why Ford have decided to drop grey from the colour range.
  12. To Those That Own Midnight Sky

    I really want grey though. Isn't Midnight Sky blue?
  13. To Those That Own Midnight Sky

    Are there any owners of a Fiesta in Midnight Sky here? If so, please could you share a few snaps to help me out? I'm not sure whether it should be the colour of my next Fez as I really wanted Sea Grey but now that's gone. I've only seen it during and after dusk in the flesh so not sure what it really looks like. Most photos on the internet are low quality seller photos. Slappyhaze has posted a link to some great photos of his Fiesta in this new colour. Surely there's others out there... Cheers :)
  14. Yeah, Sea Grey was discontinued in August when it was replaced by Midnight Sky. They're very similar colours. I'm ordering a new Fiesta soon and really wanted it in Sea Grey but can't anymore so have been contemplating Midnight Sky. In some photos of each colour, they look the same whereas in others they look different.

    I love Sea Grey, I know that much!

  15. I've just seen a post by you prior to Midnight Sky being available so Sea Grey then?