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  1. A wiring fault from the sensor or somewhere else ?
  2. the esc error came on on my way to work this morning, got home and run a scan and have the following codes. Looks like the front left abs sensor problem, does it mean it needs replacing though?? ===FCIM DTC None=== Successful DTC reading, no error codes found Module: Front Controls Interface Module ===END FCIM DTC None=== ===ABS DTC C0031:15-28=== Code: C0031 - Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Additional Fault Symptom: - Circuit Short To Battery Or Open Status: - Previously Set DTC - Not Present at Time of Request - Malfunction Indicator Lamp is Of
  3. Thank you for the replies. I had about 25-30 codes when I first ran forscan yesterday. I have reset them to see what codes return, but sods law the esc warning never appeared today. Is it safe to run forscan while driving as I only have the pc software, I guess as long as I'm not watching the lappy while I drive I should be safe. I will be running it again tomorrow as I plan to take it on a good drive as I think it needs a dpf regen. The car used to be a taxi so has high milage and a lot of short stop start journeys, but I got a good saving on the average price I paid. Onc
  4. My name is Lee and I live in South Wales. Over the years I have had a few ford's, from orion 1.6 ghia now upto to my current '15 mondeo mk5. I am here for help and advice as I am just getting more and more into doing as much work on my own car as possible.
  5. Hi all, I have a 2015 mondeo, and I have just started having intermittent issues. It will flash up with esc service required on the dash and the abs and tc lights will come on. It will say hill start assist unavailable and park assist stops working. Sometimes the lights go off after a minute or so, other times they stay on until I turn off and on the ignition. Car seems to still drive fine with the lights on. I have just got forscan with a modified cable so am able to read any dtc codes, but unfortunately I'm not exactly sure where to start to diagnose the issue. Have
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