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  1. the ones in red are standard fuses. I don't have all the options available here (ie. parking assist) are those still live regardless?
  2. thanks, thats a micro3 fuse which are a bit of a pain to get hold also I dont have the fuse tap. Any of the standard fuses good or not?
  3. Hello! Recently took delivery of my 2018 ST-Line in silver. My mates said silver was a bad choice before I got it. I beg to differ. I ***** love this thing. Anyways, on the the main point. I need to hardwire in a dash cam, got all the kit but does anyone have any ideas on the best fuse to use? I've linked to the picture of the manual. I would like the power to the camera to be on/off with the ignition. Thanks in advance.
  4. Do you know what the best fuse to use to hardwire it so it turns on and off with the ignition?
  5. Thanks. I actually don't want constant power, that was my concern, getting a dashcam and then it draining the battery while I'm away from the car. I just want to plug it in and forget about it! As far as which cam I'm looking at, probably this:
  6. Hi. I've got a Mk8 on order after my old Fiat was written off after being rear-ended. Anyway, after that I've decided to invest in a dashcam, but before I buy one I need to know - does the new Fiesta keep power to the socket when the ignition is off? Thanks. Sean.
  7. Hello, I've opened up the headlight casing and the connector block (black box connecting the wires to the bulb?) seems to have melted. Is this easy to find and replace? Ive got my MOT coming up soon and need to fix it! Thanks!
  8. Also at first I thought it was just leaking coolant, which it was. I looked at it yesterday morning and it was empty (leaked), I topped it up again last night but this morning its still full (not leaked?), however it now the water looks dirty? How do I tell for sure its a head gasket?
  9. Hi, recently I noticed my engine keeps overheating, oddly it doesn't happen gradually, I can be driving around for 10 minutes, ill stop and suddenly the engine temp shoots up, but then it will 'cool' down again very quickly, which doesn't make any sense. The cooling fan is also quite audible and it never was before. I havent had a chance to look under the bonnet properly, but whats likely the problem? Also when I turn the heaters on full the temperature quite obviously changes considerably as the engine temp changes. It seems to blow out cool air and the engine temp shoots up and then it does the opposite. This happens seemingly at random while driving. what should I check for ?
  10. its in any direction. its not that loud but its definately noticable... perhaps even stranger is that fact it's somehow fixed itself and stopped making the noise now...
  11. My fiesta seems to have developed an annoying grinding noise when I turn the wheel, it sounds like plastic scraping together. It doesn't seem to affect the steering in anyway, it's just annoying. Whats the likely culprit? Thanks!
  12. how do I find out? is there any guides?
  13. How difficult and expensive is it? Anyone with experience doing it here? Thanks.
  14. Where can I get online a rear light cover? Also is there any way I can get some new center wheel caps for my alloys? These are the alloys my fiesta has This picture doesn't show the center cap things, but mine have all faded and look rubbish! Thanks.
  15. Same cars, except mines silver. The interior looks nice, mines pretty clean but not THAT clean lol. Tempted to take mine in for a full valet after seeing this :P whats the going rate?