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  1. Hi, Recently had our 1.4 Focus CL in for a service and asked them to look at the exhaust at the same time because you could tell from the note there was a hole in it somewhere. Now it turns out that the mounting bar on the catalytic converter has failed and as a result has caused the flexible hose on the exhaust manifold to split too. As a result both the manifold and catalytic converter need replacing. Was quoted £360 (parts, labour and VAT) by the garage to do this. This was way too much considering we are considering getting a new car in the next year or so. I'm pretty handy, so got my Haynes out and think I will have a go doing it myself. I've found the parts on Cats 2 U for a total of £150 (inc gaskets). From what I can gather these are BM parts. Has anyone used them before? and anything I should look out for? Cheers in advance. Martin
  2. Focus Mk1 Starting Problem

    Cheers, I'll stick a voltmeter over the battery at the weekend. Any idea on the voltage that indicates a dud battery?
  3. Focus Mk1 Starting Problem

    Hi all, I've got a 1.4 Petrol Mk1 CL Model. For the last few months there has been a lag between turning the ignition key and the starter motor turning. Now it's never been a problem and it still starts first time. However, recently it has needed a few attempts to get it going. I'd like to get it sorted before it does become a proper problem. Any ideas on the most probable cause. My girlfriend has the car at the moment so I need a list of tests to try at the weekend. Cheers Martin
  4. Ford Focus Central Locking Problems

    It's not remote central locking, just normal key operated.
  5. Focus Electrial Problem

    We had a similar problem in our 1.4CL. It was just the speedo and mileage counter that would reset. Initially it was only for a short time but after a year it was pretty much every journey. I learned how to tell the speed from the rev counter and what gear I was in! I changed the VSS myself and I'll second the previous poster that it was a PITA to get out. Fixed all the problems and the car drives a lot better now, although I did change the spark plugs at the same time so that may be the reason for the improved performance!
  6. High Revving When Cold.

    Only thing I can suggest is to disconnect the negative battery lead for a few minutes. This will reset the Engine management system. Then reconnect it and start the car and leave it on idle for a couple of minutes until the oil temp is normal. It will try and relearn the optimum settings. Probably won't work but worth a try.
  7. Hi, I'd appreciate some advice on a central locking problem. I have a Mk 1 Focus 5 door. The driver's side lock works fine, locking and unlocking, however the passenger side lock will only lock, not unlock the car. The boot lock does not work with the key at all, the only way it can be opened is with the button on the dashboard. Both keys that I have work fine in the ignition. In cold weather, the central locking does not work well. You unlock the car on the drivers side, but then have to unlock the rest of the doors from the inside. When the car has been driven for a while the central locking engages and you can hear it click in all doors. Now, this could either be to vibration loosing a stuck component, or something else warming up? Now, my girlfriend had a problem this morning when she tried to lock the car, the central locking would not work so had to go and lock all the doors manually. Any ideas on things I could try. I have checked the fuse and believe this to be OK. As for the boot I know that it has had a rear end shunt before I got it, so maybe they have replaced the lock, but not the barrel? Cheers in advance Martin
  8. Speedo Failure

    I second that. It is most definitely your Vehicle Speed Sensor. I had a lot of the same problems and changed the sensor last weekend and it's all been fine since. A new sensor cost me about £36 and you'll need the retaining pin also (£2). Mine was a massive effort to get out, guess that's what 100,000 miles does to it! It's a simple procedure, just need a lot of patience!
  9. Central Locking

    I have a similar problem too, seems to only happen in cold weather though! I've checked the battery on mine and the voltage is OK
  10. Tyre Speed Ratings

    Hi, I'm just about to get new tyres for my Focus. The tyres on there at the moment are H rated (upto 130mph). I can save a bit of money if I go for the T rated (118mph) tyre. Considering the top speed of my 1.4 Focus is 108mph is there any point getting the H rated tyre? Cheers Martin
  11. Cost Of Timing Belt And Valve Clearances

    It does help thank you. You'll be getting an order soon!
  12. Cost Of Timing Belt And Valve Clearances

    Do you think I would need the new pulleys as well?
  13. Cost Of Timing Belt And Valve Clearances

    Right, I've decided to scrap the idea of checking the valve clearances, as it is not giving me any problems at all and I can't hear any tapping etc. As for the timing belt, I've been quoted £180 and £215 to get it done. Might have a serious look at doing it myself. Still have 5000 miles to go before the recommended interval given by Ford.
  14. Hi, I'm going to give my 1.4 Mk1 Focus a full service over the coming weeks due to it being 9 years old, and having 95,000 miles on the clock plus the fact I have no service history for it at all. I am going to replace all filters etc and feel confident I can do all the checks listed in the Haynes manual except for two things: Renewing the timing belt and checking and adjusting the valve clearances. Could anyone tell me the approximate costs for getting these two things done at a garage, and could anyone recommend a garage somewhere close to Durham City? Cheers Martin
  15. Ford Focus 51 - Facelift Or Not?

    Cheers thanks for the replies. Think I will get the older Haynes manual any way, considering I can get it off Amazon and then sell my other one for practically no loss. So I'm thinking of doing a full service considering I have no service history at all and I've had the car for 18 months without doing anything. Thinking of using this kit of genuine parts Is there anywhere I could get the whole lot cheaper?