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  1. cd playerr not working

    well if you've tried cleaning it n its still not reading any cd, then i suggest that u get rid and get another cd player, theres nothing much u can really do with fixin it, other then replacing the lens on it but then again u dont know if its that whats not working on it
  2. Fiesta Mk4 Speaker Sizes?

    not quite shore in inches but i know theyr 13cm speakers in the front doors, plus u dont wana put 6x9s in, i dont know if urs already has speakers fitted in, but at each side of the parcel shelf u'll notice that there are two round-ish parts which hav slots cut out of them. Thos hav already been put there for 13cm speakers to go there, all u need is speaker adapters and the 13cm speakers will fit in that spot no problem. plus u need adapters for the speakers to go in the front doors too
  3. cd playerr not working

    with it being an R reg, if your going to replace it with an aftermarket stereo u'll need a harness adapter AND a facia plate, buying them seperate will cost you £13.99 for the lead and round about £9.99 for the facia plate, where as if u go some where like motor world, they'll sell them both together for £16.99
  4. more power please??

    hows about i've already been in this situation where its happened, or are u guna go off on one not believing me then?
  5. more power please??

    erm yeah they are cause theyr always being tracked as theyr always connected to the satellites, making them 100% accurate, or is that incorrect too???
  6. more power please??

    yeah ur speedo can go 5% each way from being accurate, where as the sat-nav is 100% accurate, thats why if u get pulled over be te police sayin that ur speedin for example 34mph in a 30 zone and ur sat-nav says that the highest speed you'v done is 30mph then they havnt got a leg to stand on when it comes down to gettin u nicked
  7. Ford Fiesta '99 switches off while driving

    its not, mines same engine, n i got the link above to show what it looks like
  8. 05 Zetec Door Speakers

    i'll look in the books at work to see if it needs any adapters, and then it should tell me what size it realy needs
  9. stalling!

    EASIEST check to see if its the idle control valve, keep it stood still, rev the engine up high and then just let ur foot off and let the engine slow down, now if the engine comes to a complete stop then its more likely to be that if not then its probably something else
  10. Ford Fiesta '99 switches off while driving

    its not a mechanics job really, basically if u look at ur engine its just above it, its hard to explain what it looks like, but mine went on mine, what happened with mine was that when u rev it up and let it drop it kept dropping n just stopped altogether. Basically thats what u need below, its easy enough to see, once you look at the picture then at your engine, you'll spot it just above it. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-Idle-Air-Control...id=p3286.c0.m14
  11. Chipping

    Or u could just get a mod chip, basically it goes on ur air intake sensor, it acts as a resistor n bascially fakes the temperature making it take more air in, now with more air bein took in more fuel needs to go in to level the balance out, doin this means u get more bhp in ur engine
  12. induction kit

    22.49 from motor-world, beat halfords prices everday :P but i say same as everybody else, go for a K&N filter, MW's cheap ones sound good, but they wont clean the air like the K&Ns do leavin ur engine gettin clogged up inside, where as the K&N cleans it, makes it perform well and sounds good. plus if your engine gets that clogged up from crap that hasn't been filtered then it could cost u more to get it sorted then it would in the end for a K&N
  13. hey, i need some new wheels for my freestyle?

    Go on www.motor-world.co.uk look at some alloys on there and then get back to me cause i'll get a price with the proper tyre for your car
  14. Fiesta mk6 back wiper not turning off!

    might just be the console controller thats clicked forward to turn it on, and its snapped inside and now its constantly staying on
  15. speedo cable

    .. yeah neither of them relevante to the question like still anybody knw anybody that can do it? its just im gettin some 17" alloys from my managers mk1 focus ST so im sticking them on my fiesta and sort of need to correct the speedo when it gets knocked out of adjustment ... think thats how to say it