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  1. Try resetting the battery monitor. Taken from Kuga owners club: 1. Get in to the car and do all from points 2 to 4 within 10 seconds. 2. Turn on ignition with engine off (key in position II) . 3. Turn on and of 5 times rear fog light switch . 4. Turn on and of 3 times hazard light switch . 5. If everything goes OK battery light will flash 3 times on cluster within next 15 seconds. 6. Resetting BMS counter finish.
  2. There’s two ways of doing it. First, drop the front subframe down which ultimately it the Correct way to do it. Secondly, remove the front bolt using a deep 10mm socket on both sides & bend the brackets enough to slide the bushes out/in. Use a lever bar against the chassis to bend bracket back down and start the bolt by hand. I hope this helps!
  3. It’s on the pipe that runs from compressor out to the inter cooler. There’s a hose that returns into the pipe into the compressor housing (duct from air box to Turbo/compressor) You’ll need to blank the open hole in the duct if you expose the pipe to atmosphere. I can’t see why it would bring on the MIL.
  4. It already has a recirculating dump valve on both the 1.0 & 1.5.
  5. Having had a quick look at wiring diagrams for 2017 Kuga, I'd say try using F62 (For Auto wipers/auto dim/dip mirror) for 12V power. You should be able to find a ground on any unpainted screw/nut/bolt in that vacinity.
  6. Reassuring! I have just sealed a deal on an ST (Or should it be A ST?) I chose White with Performance pack. I was torn with the wheel choice. One dealer had black wheels ready for early June, another said it'd be a factory order for Silver wheels for end of June, same price. Chose silver wheels as it looked a bit NYC cab with the Black. Step Daughter has a '15 Mini cooper with Black wheels, roof & Mirrors. Don't want her to think I'm emulating her! (Early mid life crisis??)
  7. Hate to say it, sounds like DMF, especially given that you say it vibrates a bit. 😔
  8. Thanks!! Ocean blue Focus? I nearly ordered my C-max in that but my Dad got a Fusion in that colour so I decided on Black C-Max (BAD decision, too hard to keep clean!)
  9. Hi, I see on Fords internal website that a few employees were complaining of this across a few models with "Premium Audio". I currently have a Kuga with B&O (Just ordered a Puma ST hence my reply) which has a rattle from the passenger door and also the drivers door. Apparently it's due to misalignment of the door trim itself, however I'm very sceptical of this (Ex Ford tech) If you find out how to remove the door handle trim (needs special tools apparently) I'd suggest removing the trim yourself & insulating it with foam or something (assuming the vibration goes wit
  10. Hi all, I used to be on C-Max owners forum, then Mondeo owners, now Kuga owners but have just ordered a Puma & decided to join here. All my cars have been Ford's with the exception of a 1.8 Civic Vti (essentially a rover 45 with a Honda engine) Ex Main dealer mechanic as I left that trade in 2002 (Fortunately) Still dabble a little here and there as and when my back allows. Have a great weekend! Kev.
  11. Hi, Daft one possibly, try starting the engine in gear with clutch pedal depressed, very slowly raise clutch pedal (to engage the clutch) If you find roughly the point where it starts key off & repeat ( with pedal closer to that point) If it starts sooner it sounds as if the DMF is FOOKED. Else, when was fuel filter renewed?
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