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  1. Spark Plugs Covered In Oil

    i have taken them out and they where grey, so refitted them, and cleaned out the carb with spray, then checked the plugs again and they where black, so going to replace them tomoz, as the car seems to be running fine now
  2. Spark Plugs Covered In Oil

    just taken the spark plugs out of my 1.6 zetec, and the thread is covered in oil, but not the ele bit at the end this is a dry grey colour, is this right, as trying to sort a reving problem out and amd getting sick of spending money on the car now
  3. Idle Control Valve

  4. Idle Control Valve

    this is sort of a follow on from a throotle problem i have had, i understand that the IDCE, will give me probs when idling, but would it give me probs when i am tryimg to idle at 3000 rpm, ie up and down cheers
  5. Is This Throttle Switch

    cheers, guys, its looking like its the idle control valve, but will have a look tomoz, dont really want to be spending money after money on the car, as was only mot it to sell it, as dont use it, plus the garages aint very good where i am,
  6. Is This Throttle Switch

    have changed the throttle sensor, still going same thing, any one got ideas, what else it could be, as garage is saying spark plugs now
  7. Is This Throttle Switch

    not really, had it sitting at 3000 for about 1 min, then it dropped, and had to put more pressure on pedal
  8. Is This Throttle Switch

    havent tried to be honest, will try now
  9. Is This Throttle Switch

    put car in today for its mot and it failed, it failed on no light in reg plate at rear, and also one of the tyres was a winter tyre and was the wrong way around thought not to bay, then mechanic said, i had to abandon the test due to the emmisions test, basically he couldnt get it to sit at 3000 rpm, it was up and down apperantely, he said it is prob the throttle switch any one got any ideas? also i can only find throttle sensors, is this the same thing cheers
  10. S Reg Van 55 Weight

    hi guys, i am not sure weather this is the right place, but i have a question regarding van weight i have an s reg 1.8 d 55 van, inside the van there is a sticker thats says weight 550 kg inlcuding driver passenger and load, does this include a full tank of fuel or not ie is 550 kg plus fuel or 550 kg inc fuel cheers for your help