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  1. Should have mentioned, it's the 1.4tdci. on a 53 plate. Yes the belt is the same length with the correct amount of teeth and the tensioner is located on it's peg. Had a local mobile mechanic here today - he spent just over an hour on it and got no further. Said that new belts can be extremely tight and that's manufactured in to help not ruin an engine if say the tensioner becomes slightly slacker than it should be. Sounds plausible but I don't know? Anyway, the suggestion was to call Gates in the morning and ask if there has been any manufacturing defects on my particular kit? Haven't do
  2. Morning all. Timing belt day 3, this damn car has been fighting me all the way! Starting to think think it was a bad idea but no going back now. Based on advice I went for a complete Gates kit. Water pump went on no problems and tightened it the correct way. Then I get to the timing belt itself and I can't for the life of me get the damn thing on!? I'm starting from the non tension side and working the belt around, right to left if you like but the problem is it just won't slip onto the tensioner even when it's at it's slackest point, probably 3mm out? I've tried twisting it on, I'
  3. Hi unofix. Thanks for the reply. I think it's likely to be the throttle body because the problem is intermittent. Sometimes the throttle response is as you'd expect and other times it's like a wet *****. I shall take your advise and have a look tomorrow with a can of carburettor cleaner. Found out today the drivers seat doesn't have the pre-tensioner in the same location is the passenger side, it's located in the belt retractor thing - don't know what it's called. My brother has ordered a ELM327 so hopefully that'll help sort these problems out.
  4. Might well be worth checking the water pipes under the fuel filter. On the diesels they do have a habit of cracking. Did my one as a preventative measure. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RADIATOR-WATER-MANIFOLD-INTAKE-HOSE-PIPE-FOR-FORD-FUSION-FIESTA-MKV-1-4-TDCi-/333310962788#vi-ilComp
  5. Hello forum members. I'm new to car ownership and driving. Haven't had my car long and I've run into some issues I'm hoping someone can help me with. The first issue is my Fusion 1.4tdci doesn't appear to be revving properly. It's very slow to rev up and when it does it sort of hangs before revving down again, not very responsive at all. I've tried injector cleaner, engine flush new filter and oil, fuel filter and cleaned out the mav sensor but still got the problem? Second issue is with the airbag light. Haven't had the time to take the seats out but I've had a quick look around and
  6. Hello. I'm a new Fusion owner. 1.4tdci 53. I love it but it's not without it's issues 🙄
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