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  1. Thanks Steevo25 that info sets me straight. Yes I have a 2014 sports model. I definitely have a rear only 3.5 pam module which I had to source from the UK. Im in Australia. Rather than risk upgrading the software on my bcm with forscan i think ill try and source another pam locally. Its only the reverse beeps after all as the graphics work fine with the mk3 pam. Appreciate all your knowledge.
  2. Hi all im wondering if anyone has a way of telling if a 3.5 pam module is a 4 or 6 sensor type? I have an mk3 which has a 3.5ipc and sync 3 upgrade. My mk3 pam works but the usual no sound issue after the upgrades. Finally got around to swapping out the pam for a rear only 3.5 pam but it thows up open/ground errors for right rear sensor. Ive tried going thru forscan and changing the architecture from 3 to 3.5 but no change. So am wondering if i bought a dodgy pam or if i need a 6 sensor loom. Any thoughts appreciated
  3. Its a brilliant guide mate. Especially for our Euro spec cars as it looks like the wiring for other parts of the world may have variations. I was super impressed to see your guide fitted my focus exactly. PS. Im sure we can splice the can bus from the heater controls too instead of fiddling around under the dash at the obd2 connector.
  4. Righteo i found this link Where u guys are discussing the wiring etc so i wired my switch up as normally open NO instead of NC and appears to have fixed my gremlins. The switch works as it should and as u described in the 1st post but no dtcs and no "autolocking" when i touch the handle. Very happy with how its all turned out and once again thank you for this awesome howto.
  5. More to this...if i lock the vehicle using the new central locking switch, clear the dtc codes, then it doesnt throw a code. Ive just gone thru the bcm, acim and central config and turned off all the options i could see for auto locking. See how that goes.
  6. Noticing a strange thing with my central locking where the car will lock when i go to open a door if i dont have the fob on me. Ive added the momentary switch and wired it as per the 1st post instructions. Any ideas? Am seeing this code in forscan.
  7. I only get a quick flash of the green bars then only see the parking sensors. Im guessing theres something in forscan to enable the green bars full time that im missing but havent found the setting yet.
  8. JPW did you do anything special to get the reversing camera grid lines and trajectory working? Best i get is a seconds flash of coloured lines then they vanish. Camera picture and proximity sensors are aok tho
  9. A big thank you for sharing this. Im loving having sync 3. Have upgraded to sync version 3.4 which is awesome. If you enable the climate controls theres a minor bug in the software where the left and right zones are mixed up but only on screen. Happens even with the latest software . Pretty awesome tho
  10. Thanks JPW yes all sorted. Everything has come down to my poor workmanship...
  11. Now i have the system up and running the only things not working are the new fascia controls. Except hazards work. I get a code of U0256 which point towards possible wiring problems. Am i correct in thinking pims 5 and 4 from old fdcim supply the feed to the new fascia? Any ideas would be much appreciated
  12. Well theres a trap for players. I split the acim plug to wire it up and put i back together incorrectly. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Doesnt look like any damage done. Luckily
  13. Well i got to a point where i could test it out. Nothing but a blank screen. So i wiggled and pushed the acim plug in a little further and heard a click and now the ignition wont turn on. Rechecked all the wiring and appears to be fine. No burning or smoke. Im guessing i blew a fuse. Well i hope thats all thats happened. BTW ive only pushed the wires for the obd2 mscan into the front of the plug at this point. Edit: ok back to the beginning and start again. I keep blowing the 7.5a navsat fuse.
  14. I definitely dont have much room to wire up tobthe odb2 connector for the mscan so been looking to find an alternative set of wires to splice in to. I think there are some from the hvac plug but would appreciate any confirmation on this from any wiring experts. Found a few snippets. Can anyone confirm whther pins 18 and 19 from the hvac plug can be used?
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