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  1. My Escort MK6 revs fron high to low to high again

    Yer i think suspect of the starting post is idle controlle valve Mine is too Or it wired into ECU and other problems with other items wired into ECU so its play the ??? game Funny the other week I sold a ICV for Ztec 16v escort MK6 engine on ebay 7.50 and now wish i had held onto it You will find you idleing device left hand front side of your engine Its made of aluminium its a barrel about 1" diametor and 3" long with the black plastic on the end with wires coming out There is a big sricker on it with the ford logo
  2. G

    Thanks for that info but I think its sorted for now anyway Basically I bypassed the fuel pump wiring So it came stright off the blk ignition ON to fuel pump So the fuel pump is ALWAYS ON when the ignition is on and engine running too. I know this is not the right way as the fuel pump is soposed to be on for 2 seconds only when the ignition key is turned But could it all be a fault wit the ECU engine reving up reving down on idle seat belt warning light flashing And now this All of the above wired to ECU makes it suspect???
  3. G

    dose anyone know wear the fuel cut off switch and relay is please
  4. G

    there is no fuel filter in the engine bay
  5. G

    what do i need to see if there is fuel in the filter or something?
  6. G

    Hi all The Car in question is a escort MK6 At first I thought it was the fuel pump but now i think otherwise the car wont start coz there is no fuel getting to the engine there is 5/16 of fuel in the fuel tank that is what the gage read when on leaval and when on a slop 3/16 the fuel gage on the clock set dials is reading nothing as the needle has completely dropped but when it all wants to work as in the car will start the needle on the fuel gage goes back up to 3/16 (we are on the slope now) i can understand it; if its the fuel sensor that is knacked then it should not effect the fuel inlet if you pop the bonnet there is a bleed valve on the inlet of thee engine something that looks like a tier vale that lets you draw petrol ignition on and bleed no consent stream of petrol BTW i thought my clock set dials wear fufed as the seat belt waring light keeps flashing when all seatbelt sensors disconnected ??????? big help hear please many thanks from the man with not enough tool to do the job
  7. Fiesta Carburettor

    Hi again I have hear what i think may be a fiesta carburettor But unsure Anyone have any info on it please Thanks Toolless
  8. Escort Carburettors

    And the second one
  9. Escort Carburettors

    Hi This is my first post so hi to everyone I have 2 carburettors shown hear and i think they may be from escorts but im unsure If they are dose anyone know what Mark they are from and engine type please Sorry but i am clueless Thanks Batista230 First one