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  1. Automatic Light Sensor? 2013 Fiesta

    Hi all, I have the new ST now and can confirm that the dome is actually a light sensor. I have no auto lights or climate control on my car. When I cover the dome with my hand (even in bright sun) the sat nav screen switches to night mode (stars also appear at the top) and the dashboard illumination dims down in stages. Responds quickly when i go in and out of tunnels or start the car on a dull morning.
  2. Zetec S 1.0 Vs Fiesta St-2

    Fantastic news! You will love the car. :)
  3. Zetec S 1.0 Vs Fiesta St-2

    At your age and disposible income you really shouldn't be worrying about MPG. :) As already mentioned you're talking no more than a few hundred quid a year difference in fuel bills (assuming average milelage) . I say just buy the ST2 and drive it properly. Also just incase you didn't know (and not many reviews mention it) the ST actually has an overboost function on full throttle which gives upto 197bhp and 214 ft lb of torque. It can't be marketed as that power as it only temporary. A quick lift off the throttle ( ie a gear change) will kick the overboost in again and again. My average is about 36 mpg atm but my commute involves long stretches of uphill motorway and several traffic jams and I do getting upto speed quickly on motorways slip roads for example. On country roads over many miles I have seen over 50 mpg sat in 6th gear @ 1500 rpm. It's very easy to maintain 40-60mph on twisty roads in this car and the engine is using minimal boost. All you have to do is squeeze the throttle and it still pulls! On long motorway runs at 70ish 40 - 45 mpg is easy to achieve assuming it is flat. Drive it hard and yes the MPG will plummet briefly but you willl be really having to punish it to get it to drop below 30mpg average over a tank. The reason for this is because you will unlikely to be using full boost for long as you will be doing silly speeds VERY quickly.
  4. St Questions

    Sorry but I disagree with regards to the options. To me it is likely that Ford kept the options list short on the ST due to the price sensitivity of the UK hot hatch market and the fact that the low price is one of it's USP's against it's competitors. Considering nearly all the reviews mention the price as a plus point, perhaps this wouldnt have been the case if you were able to add £2500 worth of toys to it. In terms of weight most of the wiring is already in places for things like auto wipers / folding mirrors and surely the hardware to make them work (sensor box, mirrors with motors etc) can't way more than 5 kilos? The options that have been left out on the UK spec model are standard on Euro spec ones but it costs more from what I've read in other places. This to me backs up that this is a price/positioning thing and not a performance thing. Just out of interest how much weight have you stripped out of your car? Me being me I can barely tell the difference when I've got an extra passenger on board waying lets say 70 kilos.
  5. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    Great news about your ST order! If you don't mind could I ask what Franchise of Ford you are dealing with? All I've read is that people are getting great deals on the New ST. I went in to my local Evans Halshaw today and after over 2 hours of intense discussion they were still not going to do a deal on the car at all. It seems the boss of their franchise has said 100% no discount.
  6. Car Cleaned Professionally 30/03/2013

    Looks good. Mine was mega dirty yesterday so I washed it. Stupidly I then went out for a drive in it. On the tops the snow drifts are slowly melting onto the roads creating lots of spray. To top it off the gritter was out at 2pm putting down a very heavy layer of grit due to the significant ice risk in the evenings and overnight.
  7. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    I think it would be white for me. Hopefully I can make my mind up once I've driven it!
  8. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    I guess the lack of options isn't the end of the world but it a bit frustrating not having the option to spec what you can on other models in the range, In my case I really want folding mirrors on my car due to where I park at work. I have a nagging feeling the lack of options may be sorted next model year.
  9. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    I bet you can't wait. Regarding key free no doubt it is available on Euro spec models just like the auto light/wipers, cruise contol and folding mirrors Maybe I'm under the weather but those wheels just don't do it for me. They look far to plasticky and flat. A couple of people had said the same without me even saying. Quite ironic but I would even consider putting some buckle prone street pack alloys on as they look so much better! One more moan. 've seen some Titaniums on the road. Why aren't the LED's proper white like on other cars? Anyways I'm sure all will be forgiven once I've had a test drive in one though. Can't wait :D
  10. Regarding the apparent power difference between the UK version and the US spec ST.... apparently there isn't one. I've read on various forums that the US are allowed to publish the power figures inclusive of the over boost. In the UK (EU?) you are only allowed to publish the maximum sustained power, hence the lower figure as over boost is only active for 30 seconds at a time. Not sure how true this is but I also read somewhere that over here you can only state the extra boost figure in torques not in horsepower. Not sure if anyone here would be able to shed any light on this?
  11. I still don't understand why things like folding mirrors aren't even an option on the ST!
  12. The New St

    Thanks for that. Sounds likes its going to be just as it is with the facelift Zetec S where we won't know everything that's fitted (or not) until someone picks one up.
  13. The New St

    I've not seen the Auto Express pics. Was it a left hand drive model because all the photos I've seen so far show them to have the light and rain sensor fitted as well as the folding mirrors switch. I am yet to see anything to show these are fitted as standard on the UK model and not being able to spec them as an option seems very odd.
  14. The New St

    There seems to be no option for folding mirrors ( not even in as part of a pack) or auto lights/wipers on the website. I also saw a vehicle spec comaprsion sheet and its lists both options as 'not available' on the ST1 and 2 but standard on the Titananium X. It seems Ford are out to make things as complicated as possible with the facelift Fiesta range. Ps. I love how the car is able to lift a rear wheel in tight corners on the video. Seems like it is an absoulute belter handling wise.
  15. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Apologies. I had a read of the ST reviews and it sounds to me as if its going to be an absoulute belter of a car. My Zetec S already makes me smile on our country roads so I can only imagine this will be much better. For me now it is a case of what it looks like in white as believe it or not, I'm still not too sure on that front grill. I'm also quite attached to my current car!