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  1. Cheers, its a 2.0 litre diesel. Yeah I'm not a fan of sitting on the brake but maybe i should just get used to it!
  2. HI all, I've just purchased my second mondeo, but my first with an automatic gearbox, its a 2016 Vignale...I've not driven an automatic previously and have a question... When you are at traffic lights, for example, and it looks like you will be stationary for a couple of moments, can you apply the electric parking brake, but leave the card in Drive, and take your foot off the brake? Or do you have to move the lever to Park any time you apply the parking brake? cheers! mike
  3. Thanks...card arrived today and installed happily. Setting up navigation is v clunky though isn't it? lots of stabbing at the screen....its a shame there is no phone interface. Also, when you type in a postcode it offers the street name and asks for the house number....but with my parents postcode it will not let me type in the house number (38), those numbers are greyed out..... cheers mike
  4. Cheers...will give that a try....do you just slot the card in and magic happens, or do I need to drop down through menus to get it to load? thanks
  5. Guess no one has used these sites...will give it a go and report back! cheers m
  6. HI All, I've just purchased a 2016 Mondeo which has the SYNC 2 system. The SD card for Navigation is labelled F5, so I assume its a few years out of date. I can see various online sites offering F8 or F9 cards cheaply...has anyone used these sites? Can they be recommended or are they scams? Thoughts and comments welcome! cheers mike
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