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  1. Benjamin 2010

    Just Got New Focus

    p.s its petrol
  2. Benjamin 2010

    Just Got New Focus

    Thanks, It's white smoke clears pretty quickly but just not noticed it on other cars ive had, do you think it'd be better off getting a 2nd hand gear box? Any ideas on the labour charges for it?!
  3. Benjamin 2010

    Just Got New Focus

    Hi, Ive just got a V reg focus, 118K miles, however i have a few issues!! 1) Sometimes when it's in 2nd and im not accelarating it pops out of gear, and when i put it into 2nd and release the clutch it crunches and forces itself out any ideas what this could be? the other gears are fine. 2) In 1st, 2nd & sometimes 3rd when accelarating there is alot of smoke coming out ive checked the oil and water and it all seems ok and there isnt any miss firing or loss of power and in 4th & 5th i cant see any smoke. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks