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  1. This went on to become a breakdown and recovery. No 1 injector failed with a dead short across a the hi and low solenoids . RAC also diagnosed p1261 injector fault . If it had been p 1264 it would have been no 4 injector. I purchased a s/h injector of the correct code numbers printed on top of failed injector . Cost £110 delivered DHL this morning. Had the tip soaking in brake cleaner for a few hours with the rest of injector resting against a box. Cover pipe out let's to keep dust out . I CLEANED AND ANNEALED THE COPPER WASHER THEN RE USED IT. Fitted this afternoon all went well . DO NOT RE PROGRAM. started a little rough but soon expelled the bit of trapped air . Smoothed to a good tick over . Still had engine fault on dash but not in limp mode Connected scanner cleared DTC P 1261 . ADDED " CLEAN DRIVE" FUEL INJECTION CLEANER TO 1/4 TANK OF FUEL . COST £20 DROVE 45 MILES CAN TELL DIFFERENCE ALREADY . MORE RESPONSIVE. WILL COMMENT MORE WHEN I HAVE USED THE REST OF THE 1/4 TANK . IT SAYS TO DRIVE TILL LOW FUEL WARNING COMES ON THEN RE FUEL.
  2. Fitted replacement s/h injector fault was p1261 . All sorted now running well. I did not re code injector.
  3. All sorted now thanks .just waited till I re connected battery.
  4. Is there a way to open the boot while battery is disconnected. Under the ford badge there is a finger bar that releases the lock when battery is connected . I thought it was a manual opener. It released to first catch but boot won't open . 2011 1.6 dtci
  5. I had issues that could have been related to water ingress from the washer bottle wiring into the BCM. I spent an hour yesterday while the battery was disconnected for the no1 injector strip out . I checked the BCM jtself and the connection blocks . I managed to do the inspection just removed the kicker carpet what's attached behind the glove box . It's a bit of a struggle but at 15 stone I am quite large. Do not do this with battery connected. No signs of water damage or shorted out contacts. Very Happy. But what else could have caused the original breakdown. I had operated the screen washers while driving across a dusty field to a clay pidgeon shoot. When I parked up I had to turn up hill then 180 degrees to point car ready for the way out . 2 hours later I drove back to the road . 5 miles later car went into limp mode with very poor running 2000 rom and 25 mph max. MEMO SAME SYMPTOMS AS 1261 DTC. RAC came put scanner on cleared the faults. When I asked him what the faults were he said he would give me a print out to take to garage . As I was driving the fault re accured 3 times so he had to clear them each time. I set off after the final reset only to get 200 yds up the road before Limp Mode struck again . I was doing about 45 mph I took it out of gear ,turned ignition off then restarted fault had disappeared. When I got home he made an excuse about not printing me a copy of his DTC read outs. Said its all stored in ecu so garage will recover them . I drove 1,500 miles without further problems. UNTIL THE 1261 DTC HI to Low dead short started to re appear a couple of weeks ago. I had purchased a scanner and when the limp mode struck again . I cleared the faults myself. It's my conclusion that it was injector problem from the start. The 2 solenoids inside the injector short out and jam . "Turning key off cut power and they released" If he had given me the read out it would probably have been much easier to sort out , and not lead me up the wrong path. Another day when driving through heavy rain then using screen washers , lead to engine stuttering , thus suspecting water ingress into BCM. Stopped using washer and fault disappeared. No DTC or limp mode on that occasion. 🤔 Sorry its a ramble but just shows how in the dark I was left without the RAC read out of DTCs. If he won't give you a read out take a photo of his scanner screen . You have paid for it so don't be fobbed off. Insist.
  6. Unknown server fault code 200 Tried to post picture but it said they were experiencing difficulties so unable to post pictures. Tried twice .
  7. As above USB in glove box has a small round head phone sized socket . What's it for? 1.6 tdci 2011
  8. Old injector out all cleaned up waiting for replacement. Side note on the fuel return connections to each injector there is a green plastic butterfly. I used a piece of wire bent into a U shape then slipped it around the butterfly and up then bent the wire so I could get my fingers under the hooks Slight pressure and a bit of a wiggle soon had the butterfly's coming up to be level with the blue section. Then a gentle upward pressure popped the connectors of the leak off pipes . To reinstall you would push down on the Blue bit making sure it's locating properly Over the O ring once its down You push down on the butterfly to lock in place. Don't force as they are easily SNAPPED then it's a new kit £17 from main dealer . My injector is badly carboned up at the tip . Fault 1261 no1 injector hi to low short . RAC man says the 2 solenoids it the injector have burnt out. 😳 Once again I was told if you are fitting a s/h injector . DO NOT RECODE.
  9. If fitting a used injector DO NOT RECODE. I paid £110. Ebay
  10. Same problem but 1261 no1 injector hi to low short. Just bought s/h injector waiting delivery . Main thing seams to be do not re code.
  11. Up date now driven 12miles with out this problem re appertaining.
  12. Focus1 6 tdci 2011 70k Driving from cold engine rough running then about a mile down the road limp mode and error message service required. Connected scanner fault found dtc 1261 no 1 injector hi to low dead short. Cleared dtc drove perfect. A few days later same thing happened . Cleared again and checked harness and no1 injector connection it was clean and shiny so put back together . I have left the rubber covering off for now . What's it for? What to do next?
  13. Answered my own question. Looked on u tube its a cartridge that to gain access to you have to remove the centre console Same as you would to change radio front. Then you just un plug electric wiring and unclipped the air vent. And replace as a unit. It's electricly operated so rotater switch Is damaged.
  14. Ment to say the Right working controller has resistance to rotation. The left one Does Not it rotates with much less pressure as though its not connected to anything.
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