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  1. Answered my own question. Looked on u tube its a cartridge that to gain access to you have to remove the centre console Same as you would to change radio front. Then you just un plug electric wiring and unclipped the air vent. And replace as a unit. It's electricly operated so rotater switch Is damaged.
  2. Ment to say the Right working controller has resistance to rotation. The left one Does Not it rotates with much less pressure as though its not connected to anything.
  3. 2011 focus 1.6 tdci . Central Air vent controller for left hand vents rotates but does not alter which vent is open Both are Closed. When I rotate it up or down I can hear a slight difference in Air flow . Right one working as it should. Is it electric controlled or wire cable controlled?
  4. Car repeated the above issue from cold this morning. Had new scanner on it yesterday following fault found and cleared . PO122 TPS Voltage low outside parameters PO223 TPS Voltage high outside parameters. They were stored as Pending faults not re checked but bet they have come back. I am thinking Air Filter has not been changed for 5 years so maybe contributing to the issue. Still starts and revs freely so not dead yet.👍
  5. I had not thought about that thanks. Scanner came today Updated it then hung it on . No stored DTC on ABS TC. ALSO cleared a couple of old engine DTC. ALL RUNNING CLEAN NOEW . I Will update as time runs on . Thanks to all.
  6. This stumble has been present for a few months . Bit like the old mk 2 transit electric fuel shut off used to play up. Any ideas waiting for scanner to arrive, No codes on dash
  7. I have now driven 470 miles without any fault s being put on dash . It may have been water ingress into the passenger side. Causing intermittent shorting od BCM. I washed windowscreen while car was parked forward facing on a steep hill possibly causing the issue . Driven through very very heavy rain today without a problem.
  8. I am finding the 1118 old post very interesting reading. Is there a way to select a certain page without actually clicking on Next page?
  9. My screen was cracked but screen heater worked . Had new screen fitted worked twice then failed. Cheap screen ?
  10. Cup of coffee in hand opened focus 2011 1.6 tdci. From about 10 mtrs . Pressed remote open 2 or 3 times. All windows went down and car opened. Is it supposed to do that?
  11. My late wife had the focus 7 years . Less than 1k per year for 4 years. Hospital and shopping trips. Now done 69k . All I changed in that time was both snapped front coil springs and noisey rear hubs . As lockdown eased I decided to have a go at clay pidgeon shooting. Access was across a grass field it was a bit rutted but drivable. Thought I may have disturbed an ABS sencer through extra front strut movement. RAC CALLED OUT due to abs,tc limp mode . When he put scanner on he said very Few DTC recorded. When limp mode came on again on way home he sc
  12. Looking to purchase an OBD11 Scanner . Needs to cover a few vehicles.. Cover ABS TC SRS Up to about £100 Any recommendations
  13. Just checked it again been stood 2 days . Looked through window all stopped moving.
  14. Focus mk3 2011 td Noticed all needles in instrament cluster are pulsing after I turn ignition off speedo and rev counter move from rest up the clocks about 5 mm Then drop back again .Rince and repeat. Still doing it after 5 minutes.
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