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  1. "No Pain, No Gain" Here's the latest, My buddy in NC who has a restoration shop has access to several differant types of seats Plus we're going to hit a few salvage yards along the way. Not only will we be looking for Ford seats, but we've just included Mazda, Lincoln Mercury & Jaguar. As at some point all of these manufactures have taken part in the production of Ford products. So we're about ready to hit the road. Next week is going to be very busy for us as we're not going to be able to have the nephew install the brake pads or test fit the new wheels all because his family has ben
  2. Although we're having bad luck in several areas of the build, I was able to get some good news or positive news from a buddy of mine down in North Carolina. He owns a restoration shop and has access to several types of seats from a variety of ford vehicles This could be the shot in the arm we've bene needing. This could mean that both he and I hit some of the junk yards around his area and pull several types of seats out of wrecked vehicles or at least have me sit in the seats before we pull them. Current, the Mustang seats is tops on the list and I don't have a clue as to if this will take ca
  3. Well, we've decided that the tires will not fit our 2020 Ford Transit Connect and we've contacted CariD and informed them as such. However, according to their site, they do not take back or give refunds for wheel/tire packages. This presents an issue when these wheels/tires do not fit on the van. The 38mm offset is too great as the wheels are sticking too far out away from the fender and the turning radius is to tight. The wheels are touching the front struts and the rear tires are rubbing some pins sticking out from the body. These pins to metal tabs are used to retain the fabric/mesh located
  4. I just had a talk with spokesperson for Vivid Racing in reference to the installation of the Recaro seats. According to Eric, he says they would gladly sell us a set of the Recaro seats for the van, But in my view, I've never sat in one, nor is there any guaranty that these seats will work in the van. We'll not be making a sight unseen purchase and we can't make that kind of costly mistake. I've noticed throughout our conversations with Eric he seems to be wary and growing more upset with my questions. Feeling negative vibes from Eric, Vivid Racing is out of the equation and off our list as po
  5. Even with all the disappointing news that no one is willing to help us with the Transit Connect seat issues, I have talked with at least 2 companies willing to either offer suggestions or that make brackets for racing seats. Planted Technology USA has a list of vehicles wanted but did not have the Transit Connect listed. I sent them a contact last week and they said they would be willing to create a bracket mount for the transit Connect, but they would need a transit connect to be left in the shop while measurements are taken to create these seat bracket mounts. On any given day/week we would
  6. Now I've got Ford Mobility service (North America) involved. I've sent them an email and they said they are going to comb their list of mobility shops/installers who can help with this seating issue. But I told them I've already searched their list and most of these shops have decline to help us or are closed permanently. I also sent them this article about this Ford Focus seat: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/feu/en/news/2019/03/07/all-new-ford-focus-seats-praised-by-medical-experts-for-helping-.html
  7. Just got three emails this morning from three different retailers seat conversion shops, all declining to help us with finding, upgrading and installing new seats for us. I'm like that the hell, you're a conversion shop and you don't convert seats or offer other alternatives? Clearly we're going to have to do this on our own. Also, been hitting the performance and Fab shops but again none of these are willing to help us with our project.
  8. Using the above image, it shows how the dead peddle sticks out like a sore thumb and is very uncomfortable, even puts my leg in a bad angle and orientation. I zoomed in on this image, cropped just around the floor board. But again. If anyone needs to remove the dead peddle, you'll have to pull back the rubberized floor mat for above the gas & brake peddles, Reach behind the floor mat, cut the two white plastic tab/clips that retain the foam panel, then pull out the molded foam panel. Shown in the attached image.
  9. This morning while driving the van to the store, I was paying close attention how my hip and legs are sitting i the transit connect seats, There a seats edge that rises up and the seats itself if rather flat. I've concluded that there seats edge needs to be shaved down or removed and the flat not forgiving main seats area are causing pressure on my left leg and left hip. But still if anything can help, it would be to raise the rear of the seats up as to change the angle of the seat with the shims or spacers. I Don't seem to have an issue with the back rest as these conform to my back with lumb
  10. All posted contact above nearly came to an end, as I was give better news about my knee/leg. At one point I felt I would not be able to move or bend my knee/leg again. But Drs have said that the swelling has gone done and I just need work on retune to my daily routines. So with the brighter news of me getting back in the van, we're off in 2 weeks to start checking off our travel stop list. Nephews house for the wheels, brake pads and seat adjustment, then off to a shop I've been secretly neglecting to mention, then off to the junk yard for that thunderbird spare. Last stop before we return hom
  11. With the dreaded dead peddle out of the way, we can now work on adjusting the angle of the seats. We're not able to locate an after market seat installer which is rather odd. So why bother offering aftermarket seats when you can't sit in them first or have the shop install them for you all because they aren't willing to do so all because of liability issues. My nephew sends me a photo of some bushings he has laying around in his shop. we'll continue to gather as many differant sizes and width of the these bushing all in an effort to adjust the seats angle. One area we're going to have to take
  12. We just couldn't take it anymore. With tools in hand we went out the garage and carefully removed the floor covering in the van so we could find out what and how the dead peddle was attached.. and guess what we found.. Here's the dreaded dead peddle aka foot rest nothing more than a molded foam panel placed under the floor covering. Once we removed the foam pad, using the numbers stamped on the foam panel, we searched online to see if we could find this part through any Ford parts retailers without any success. Now that the dead peddle has been removed and Even though my knee/leg is
  13. Common knowledge would indicate that because the tires are mismatched, you will see a vibration. Here's a quote from the web: One other area to check is to see if the tires are directional. meaning was one tire installed with the arrow backwards which would give you a bad rotation as the tire and tread pattern was designed to rotate in a single direction. I would seriously think about getting matching tires at least on the front of the vehicle. This is why you always by two tires if one goes bad.
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