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  1. K&n Panel Filter For Ford Fiesta Mk7

    Has fitting the filter made any difference and if so what difference Thank you
  2. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    My Home to motorway 2 miles motorway to work pull off 17miles, A road 2.5 miles arrive at work then return 5 days a week driving with caution no hard revving no silly speeds no heavy breaking and using all gears.
  3. Fiesta Woes

    Helicopter tape peeling, Red on the S badge peeled off, Paint chips more by the day,You might put up with shoddy workmanship but I work to hard to put up with poor quality when I have to give high quality work to earn my money to buy goods, If its not a sports car what is with the name SPORTS? I know its not a Lotus but it has the characteristics of a mini metro.
  4. Fiesta Woes

    After a week of ownership I realised the build was terrible, Yes its got the looks that's all,except for the drum breaks on the rear (that should have told me it was all pretend sports car) The only thing that justify s mine being called a sports car is the fuel consumption
  5. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I drive the 1.6 petrol mark 7 zetec s and a Merc C class 2.7 diesel i get 32mpg from the little light weight modern ford with all the Eco technology built into it and 51.2mpg out of my 10 yr old heavy none eco built Merc on the same journey, I made a mistake buying this Fiesta and will admit it it was the fact I had a scrapper to put in that made me get a brand new car, I now wish I had sold the scrapper for a few hundred quid put the rest of the money together and bought a high quality well built car with good return of fuel like a BMW 330 around 4 yrs old more luxury, better miles to the gallon and a better sell on price in 2 yrs time, The build is no good on Ford, the after care is no good from Ford, the MPG for such a small modern car is quite frankly terrible, the nasty water based paint is showing more chips every Sunday when I wash it, For a sports model its slower than most standard cars even has the old very heavy drum breaks on the back.
  6. 999, 1000!

    Wish I had bought the diesel instead of petrol, lucky if I get 34mpg and most of the daily driving is 40 miles a day on motorway not speeding and 5 miles none motorway, Ford tell over the top lies with there fuel consumptions, for such a small car they should walk 45mpg with today's engineering.
  7. Too Old At 66

    Hit them were it hurts (in the pocket) Ring local papers they love these stories, draft a letter to send to all the places mature people use ie bowling clubs womans institute etc send dealer a copy and head office That will get someone a kick up the a55 Also name and shame on here after all if we say a product they sell is superb they dont complain, so they cannot object if you state a service they offer is below expectation.
  8. Ford Using Sellotape To Build My Mk7?

    I have the same issues, took it to suppliers work shop, they said that they have alot of problems with this tape, first used on a Ford KA, they have taken a load of photo's and sent them to Ford to OK replacement. He told me the tape is to protect from scratching when getting in and out, might have something to do with the low quality of the paint used now on cars, my zetec as 300 miles and 6 stone chips down to the metal already
  9. Job done http://s826.photobucket.com/albums/zz187/roversok/my%20cars%20shines%20more%20than%20your%20car/ Press slide show on top right All I use for this is Auto gleam car shampoo Towel dry with a old bath towel. Apply Mguires wax Polish up with another old bath towel Wheels have had two coatings of auto gleam wheel wax protector on them (still have to rub to remove muck on front wheels) Most cars on this forum seem to be the new Mk 7 like mine does spending £100.s on cleaning gear realty get them any better than mine shines and looks if I wash to wash it once a week re wax once a month?
  10. Just Cleaned My Car

    You a actor on Coronation street? :P
  11. Clutch Pedal Release Feels Wrong

    Any replies or comments would be helpful
  12. Gap Insurance & Admiral

    I have just read the Ford policy above invoice value, are they not leaving them self's open to exploitation by fraudulent claims ie you buy a car new £14K, 2 years down the line its banged about a bit worth £7k have it disappear into the night claim of insurance get a £7k payout and £7k from GAP you now have a 7k profit dishonest and a risk but! ( I would not do it or condone it just high lighting a possible flow on GAPS behalf)
  13. Fiesta Mk7 Paintwork

    When ford first brought out the Escort XR3i my father bought one in black, within 2 months the paint looked a right mess so he tried T-Cut on a panel to find the paint came straight off and he was down to primer / metal, Took it back to supplying Ford dealer, they denied responsibility told him he had invalidated any warranty due to applying T Cut, unknown to local Ford dealer my Father was a independent consulting engineer to the motor trade and had friends / contacts in the right places, after a few tests it was found the paint applied to the car was only 20% of the required thickness in areas, 2 weeks later my Father received a new XR3i from the dealer with additional trim levels flowers to my mother add a !Removed! licking apology in person from supplying Ford group director.
  14. Should this happen? When I let the clutch out at the end just before you would take your foot off the clutch I feel the pedal pressure alter as if their is no resistance in it for the last couple of millimeters as if it as lost its hydrolic pressure or the pedal as snatched on the floor mat, as anybody else had this issue. I have only had the car for a couple of weeks it is a 10 plate Zetec S petrol 1.6, I have had it to suppliers body shop as when giving it its first wash I found the strip of plastic at the bottom of the door pillar as started to peel away looking a mess and the red sticker on the S badge is coming off, I appreciate I could have re glued the red sticker however that is not what I expected when buying a new car.
  15. Updated Mk7 Anthercite Wheels !

    Look very smart, did you do them your self or pay some one,what was the cost, my car is Sea Grey I might just copy you, Have you had the front windows tinted? I also feel the car would look smart with smoked head lights, what do you think