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  1. hi, Tried disconnecting the Bluetooth unit and still nothing, then tried disconnecting the battery, left it for half an hour, re-connected the battery and left the Bluetooth module disconnected and the radio still doesn't boot up, exactly the same as above, does this mean the radio is caput? if so if I get a second hand one can I just plug and play or are the linked to the ECU?
  2. Hi, I have a 2011 1.6tdci fiesta, I was having trouble getting my phone to connect to the blue tooth as It said that the device list was full and to de-bond a device and try again but when you went into de-bond device the list was empty, so somebody suggested to disconnect the Bluetooth device and pull the fuse for half an hour, I tried this and re-connected it but now it wont do anything, the screen comes on but none of the buttons work except if you hold the joy stick to the left it comes u with CD, Radio, AUX, Phone and Menu, you can scroll down this menu but you cant select any of the opt
  3. Hi, I have removed the bluetooth unit and took the fuse out for about 45 mins, plugged it back in and turned it on and all that comes up on the screen i ford audio (pic 1) and none of the buttons work but if I hold the joy stick to the left it comes up with cd, radio, aux, phone and menu, (pic 2) and if I select one of those it just reverts back to ford audio, any ideas?
  4. sorry, posted the wrong picture, it is the one with 0-9 presets, i will try the hard reset, do you know what no fuse it is please
  5. Hi, My wife has a 2011 1.6 tdci s fiesta, we have been trying to connect her phone to the audio system, when we try to pair it, it comes up with a message saying that the device list is full, please debond a device and try again, select debond and it says no phones listed, and it wont let me scroll down to settings.any help appreciated, the unit is the one bellow.
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