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  1. Can i just add its related to this site only so not a " ME " issue LOL
  2. Will ask the question here as its where i spend most of my time looking for answers and helping if i can. Are there server or website issues, slow loading, graphics, avatars missing, slow search cursor just sits spinning. Please remove ADMIN if not appropriate or its in hand ...... thanks
  3. i would be wary of using a vac as it can cause static, electronics mortal enemy. Make sure you get the correct ram even down to the timings on its clock or youll get random blue screens. if your making it future proof and upgrading consider an SSD drive. If installing a new drive, i usually go the route of just installing windows with none of the manufacturers bloat ware. I bought an i5 dell made various upgrades and now runs as fast as i need not the stunned slug i bought.
  4. if you regularly update your lappy its all gonna change anyhoo with 11 due out anyday now, many windows apps will not be supported so will be a learning curve for many. there are specialist brand spares carriers and a good googleing is needed, ribbons are usually click fit but access is a nightmare, i gave up repairing as things got smaller and my eyes got worse. https://spares2repair.co.uk/sound-vision/laptop-parts/cpu/fans/hewlett-packard/pavilion-g6 and other such places
  5. you may get somewhere near a match but would need to colour mop the entire vehicle, IF and its a big IF the paints thick enough. Or find a paint shop to mix you a kind of faded mucky red.
  6. even 1 lead can cause an issue, process of elimination as to which one if it is, do you have a voltmeter put a current thru each one. £12 is neither here nor there and youll know you have good leads.
  7. get the codes read, put the bits back to make it run even roughly and go from there.
  8. dodgy sensor or sensors, plug it in and read any codes, my abs light sometimes comes on in seriously wet weather.
  9. Am a huuuge Elton fan have been since some of his best albums 70's. The film was great, the only bit that ruined it for me was the gratuitous s*x scene, why was he not also shown having s*x with a woman, although implied.
  10. Dont north east donkies run on petrol or are they still steam driven 😄 have they got T'lectric lighting oop thar and do they still call it magic ? sorry couldnt resist
  11. TBF oooop Norf, were sensible ssems to be plenty of juice. Just the selfish southerners having issues, and yes i was born a selfish southerner.
  12. I put some fissionable material in my tank, is this why i'm going bald ?
  13. My mech went to see Ed a while back said it was the best concert he'd attended in years for a one man band. Today im gonna go singalong NOOOOO not Max Bygraves, Billy Joel, Buble, Elton
  14. I filled up yesterday before a roadtrip to Chester for a surgical consult, and until it really warmed up seemed a little flat. So i may have other issues. My goto mech is on holiday till the 4th. So will see then.
  15. AVOID opening up the cluster yourself even if youve half an idea, you need a degree in electronics and computer science, or a bright 5 year old LOL
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