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  1. Saved a small fortune on my Gusto fancy coffee's buying from a Danish supplier, Kaffekapslen. spend over £40 for free delivery tho it can take 15 days so order earlier LOL.
  2. most companies dont like you reducing payments, greedy grabbing b's
  3. All depends on who you've logged in with or used your card to buy from, i do the obvious including power companies etc as i pay on demand none of this £1000 in credit and cant get it back. Just had an issue with my monthly mobile fee, registered the new card and they took a £5.00 top up instead of the introductory £2.49 for the first 3 months, They're now history gone from Lyca to Lebara even cheaper haha. No doubt i will have forgot someone, and a red letter will drop on the mat at some point, am safeish till 2025 LOL
  4. I replaced my tailgate due to some idiot "me" reversing into a mini skip and the bottom haf or the heated screen not working. In moving a load of stuff for my daughter ive caught on of the wires and it does not clear on one bar right across the rear screen. Anyone used those repair kits, do they work ???? or do i live with it.
  5. generally kids for *hits and giggles
  6. any garages local that will hire a ramp or pit space once you have a definative solution ??????
  7. If it owes you little and wont be an expensive fix keep it and run it
  8. Do the DSG gearboxes still have the issues the earlier models were saddled with ?
  9. Exactly the same when am trolling Aliexpress looking for goodies, to make my debit card cry LOL
  10. The wealth of knowledge and support from members on here even if not car related. I dont moan ALL the time haha !
  11. Grabbed a copy will have a play, will also try Adobe, thanks guys
  12. thanks for that, it was in HTML but ive converted it to JPEG, will investigate.
  13. is there a simple program out-there that will convert a document to a negative image. I have a manual for my rifle scope but its white writing on a black page, i want to print it out but in reverse black on white. Is it do-able. Asked my daughter but she's enough on her plate atmo. Thanks
  14. I still have one and very rarely i have to use it to verify some transactions or as additional security when doing some transactions in app. so i make sure it always has a 2032 that works in it.
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