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  1. Fiesta doesnt like cold

    The same as on my 1.25 MK7 fiesta... Morning starts and starting after work is sometimes disaster... Something new with this problem?
  2. Mk7 Rust!!

    Same on my car... <_<
  3. Lacking Power...still!

    Hi Mark. Wasn't it better in temperatures under zero? Marek
  4. Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

    1.april - I have reservation in ford garage. My FoFi will not left garage until they fix everything B)
  5. Engine Temperature

    I think the temp. meter is good in another extreme... When there in Slovakia was freeze about -20C, I wanted to know when engine temperature is close to normal working temperature(ca 80C). It's just to don't damage motor by high rpms when is under 60C ADAM If you don't have boardcomputer installed, there is way how to check temperature. Interior heater starts to work when temp. of engine is somewhere around 50C.
  6. Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

    Similar also for my fiesta 1.25 . Especially with cold engine. When I'm trying to start (for example on lights), car slightly jumps while depressing clutch pedal and pressing accelerator. I could have 1500 or 2000rpm at the moment, but on highest load on clutch, rpm falls, like engine has no power. :( I think it could be smt with coils, or air intake... We'll see what seniors in our ford garage thinks about it.
  7. Worst Mods You Seen To A Fiesta?

    I hope it was not worst than this: sorry it is esco but I must post it here
  8. Engine temp indicator

    Also useful is battery test... you dont need to spend money for any testers... And of course digital speedometer - shows speed really clse to reality (compared with my GPS).
  9. Mk7 1.25 Power Loss, Cold Starting Problems

    Thanks much for links ;) Maybe there is something wrong with that sensors. (it doesn't make sense that it happens only in temperatures over 0 C) Can you please send me any example of this engine breather? is there possibility to use it without damaging smthing?(fofi is under warranty) But even though, most strange thing is fact, that everything goes fine when I'm using Super 98 or 100 benzin. Maybe something with wrong ignition advance?
  10. Hey there I have new MK7 fiesta with 1.25 82k petrol engine and 20k driven. Since 8k, have problem after starting cold engine. Normally, when I turn ignition on and start engine, I'm waiting 5 seconds, and then start with moving car (slowly depressing clutch, pressing accelerator),in this moment engine starts skipping(seems like dramatic loss of torque). Then it starts to accelerate strongly. Sometimes it is dangerous when somebody is parking close to me... This happens only when engine is cold and: - Temperature is higher than 0 Celsius (in colder weather and, it not appear) - only with Super 95 benzin (98 and higher fixes problem, but also more expensive :) ) do you have any idea what to check/repair? thanx
  11. Engine temp indicator

    Try following: Push the button for reset trip distance (small black button on rpm meter), and keep it holding. In the same time insert your key into the ignition and rotate it to II. position (still holding this button). Then wait for 5-10 secs... Your boardcomputer should enter to diag. state.. switch between tests by that small button on rpm meter. Approximately on 20th test is value "XX C" ... it is temperature of engine. Then you can start engine and checking temperature... You can turn off the test by switching ignition off.