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  1. ST170 IMRC stuck Open

    hi , someone pls correct me if im wrong , this is how i thought the system worked . on engine startup and tickover the cable does not pull the lever , i am assuming this is the "closed" position . when the engine revs above 4000rpm the cable then pulls the lever to the "open" position. then below 4000rpm the cable goes slack again allowing the spring to return the lever to the "closed" position I have the same code fault on my st170 lifted the bonnet started the engine and the cable pulls the lever immediately even at tickover, rev the engine to over 4000rpm but the cable does not go slack to allow the spring to return the lever. in other words the cable pulls the lever all the time no matter what the engine speed. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Just One Heater Vent Not Blowing On Focus

    Hi im sure your right , i think there are motorised servos that control the vents just thought there might be one common one to direct air flow to all four vents thats why i cant understand not getting air from just one vent, would be suprised if each of the vents had seperate motors.
  3. Hi guys , can anyone shed some light on a problem on my 52 plate st170 . i have climate control and everything works fine except the drivers side air vent never blows out any air at all ,all the other vents on the dash work fine, the flap inside the vent is open as you can see it opening and closing when you use the wheel on the vent but no air ever comes out no matter how i play about with the settings.