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  1. Hello All, my brother in Law has a cracked rear bumper on a mk2 mondeo. I am trying to help him change it. Can anyone just give me a quick run down how to take it off? Thanks
  2. Hello all My brother in Law's stereo is saying it needs a code. I have managed to get the serial number which is M145639. Can anyone help? Many Thanks
  3. dipped beam height adjustment

    Hi All I bought a focus a few months ago. It is a 2001 model so it has the newer double headlight. It has a button on the dashboard to adjust the height of the dipped beam, but when I use this nothing seems to happen. Does anyone know what could be the problem and how it can be fixed? many thanks
  4. I have a 2001 Focus TDI. If I am driving straight or steering right everything is ok. But if a start steering left, I hear a weird vibrating noise. It sounds as it is coming from the drivers side wheel bearing or something. Has anyone else had this problem or know what is causing it and how I can mend it?. Many thanks
  5. code 2nd spare key to Focus

    Hi I have a 2001 Ford Focus TDI. I bought it with only one key. I bought a new fob (the bit with the buttons) from Ford and I got a new key cut. Does anyone know how I can code this 2nd key to work with my car if I lose my existing key? Thanks