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  1. If you aren't very confident with wiring, get an auto electrician to wire it into a switched live, not a permanent live.
  2. I'm not sure if it is, Tom. If you find it's not got one in, PM your address and I'll pop one in the post for you. 👍 ETA: If it's this one, then it's got a brick separator in the set. https://brickset.com/sets/10265-1/Ford-Mustang
  3. I wouldn't like to say with absolute certainty, but, it sounds like your brakes squeaking. If so, should be an easy fix.
  4. Buy a larger Lego set and get a brick separator tool with it. I've got loads of them if you want one. 👍
  5. You live on a bus route and the council don't grit the road? My front street is a "bus route" and the council grits the road, usually when it's too late, mind. If it gets that bad, get a proper set of winters on a spare set of wheels. Yeah it's a chew on having to swap them, you'll save money in the long run though.
  6. And the rest mate, UCS Falcon is £650. When it's retired it'll be over a grand. The DeLorean from BTTF was something like £35 when it was released, cheapest new in box without bidding is £180-ish.
  7. It's the middle one I think. I'm of the mind that there's a newer one with no minifigs. That's the one from the film with the all women lead roles.
  8. That's the latest version, isn't it? The older one looks better, IMHO, comes with minifigs.
  9. I'm guessing that your discs are rotten, because your car doesn't really go anywhere. 8K miles in 3 years is nothing, these days. A lot will depend on where your car is when it's not being used. If it's garaged, then it's expected that they would be in better condition than a car parked on the road. How you drive also effects how long your brakes will last, if you're heavy on them all the time - well they won't last that long.
  10. Your discs are probably rotten, grooved and pitted, pads will have grooves in them too, most likely. They don't last forever, after all. Also you could have brake pad compound deposits on you discs, get up to a decent speed and stand on the brakes a couple of times to clean them off. If you do need new discs and pads, which is quite likely, my personal preference is Pagid. I've used them on every car I've had since 2005. Good stopping power and good initial bite when cold too.
  11. Aye, but, you want it 2 days a year though! 😄
  12. You're confusing the two different types of plate. 4D and Gel aren't the same. My understanding is that 4D plates will still be legal, whilst gel plates won't with the updated BS identification. Gel plates are supposedly still going to be legal with older BS identification markings. I think the grey area comes because whilst they aren't technically legal currently, they aren't illegal either - provided they're correctly spaced of course. Any new ruling "shouldn't" be applied retrospectively, only from the date it becomes law. I think if you've got gel plates with older BS markings you should be OK, I hope so since the carbon gel plate on the back of my Impreza has been fitted since 2007/08 ish and I really can't be bothered to change it. 😂
  13. If it's a brand new car, that will most likely invalidate any warranty you have, unless it's a licenced performance pack type thing. If you're not bothered about warranty, then go for it.
  14. Put some leak detection dye in the header tank. It'll show where it's leaking. We've used this at work to find a leak before: https://www.ringautomotive.com/en/product/RLD2
  15. The only Lego cars I've got these days are the ones that were available with buying however much Shell V-Power.
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