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  1. Limp Home Mode?

    Nobody any idea?(!)
  2. Limp Home Mode?

    I guess my actual question is would limp home mode allow the ca to still accelerate in lower gears and allow the turbo to kick in at higher rpms? Or does it stop virtually all accelerative driving altogether? Sorry for being vague dan
  3. Limp Home Mode?

    Hi folks, I have had this odd issue with my 06 2.0 tdci where it seems to 'cough' a bit down the motorway and then suddenly loses power as if in limp home mode. However when changing down the gears the turbo will only kick in at 2500rpm +, but the fault only ever starts happening on the motorway. Does this sound like it is in limp home mode, as at motorway speeds in 6th ie only doing around 2000rpm with no turbo there is NO power! Just thought I'd ask. Oh and no warning lights whatsoever... Thanks in advance dan
  4. Focus 2.0 Tdci Issue

    Any ideas on how big a job it was to fix and/or how pricey? Just want to getb a gauge before i take it in so i know if i'm being shafted or not
  5. Focus 2.0 Tdci Issue

    the funny thing with this issue is that no lights are illuminated on the dash at all, not even periodically
  6. Focus 2.0 Tdci Issue

    hmmm ok thanks for that, i'll take it in and see what it says. I'll report back in case anyone ever experiences something similar, or if it even happens at all again tomorrow... cheers
  7. Focus 2.0 Tdci Issue

    Reckon this could include the 2006 models, your post says 2000-2003...? thanks dan
  8. Focus 2.0 Tdci Issue

    I thought that would be the case, I jus wondered if anyone else had experienced the same and had it successfully diagnosed. I will probably crack it in to Ford and see what they say cheers dan
  9. Focus 2.0 Tdci Issue

    hi guys, am fairly new on the forum having very recently bought my first focus, an 06 Zetec 2.0 tdci, thought i have noticed something funny i hoped someone might be able to help/diagnose. When started in morning before work or when coming home from work, all is fine. Pulls very well from 1700rpm-ish as it should and can hear the turbo spooling up etc. However, after being on the motorway (entire journey only around 25 mins so not very far) it occasionally, every 30 secs or so, feels as though it is misfiring i.e. short bursts of 5 or 6 sudden, but tiny, spots of deceleration that you can feel by the car slowing down suddenly, but as i say only a tiny bit, but then being fine again. However, after this has happened i notice that the turbo doesnt spool up under or around 2k rpm anymore, more like at least 2500+, then sometimes if you floor it it wont speed up or anything. Funny thing is, tonight i pulled into a side street to turn the engine off then turn it on again, and it was fine and dandy all the way home, pulling sweetly in all gears as it should. Has anyone else had this? Seeing as all seemed well after i turned off the car and turned it on again, i thought maybe an engine management issue? Plus, i also do not know how long the car had sat around for, but my guess is only weeks rather than months. Anyone got any ideas? Am new to diesel engines so need a bit of help! Luckily i got a 1-month warranty with the car from the garage i bought it from so all being well whatever it is, it can just go back for them to sort out Any help greatly appreciated. thanks in advance Dan
  10. Gear Knob + Handbrake Questions

    Sorry to pounce on your post mate, but can are the screw-off gear knobs the same on the mk2s? I pick my car up on saturday but noticed that despite a fairly low 63k miles the gear knob i decidedly well worn and needs replacing!
  11. Satnavs & Heated Screens

    Sorry no just meant if they still receive sufficient signal for them to operate... Many reviews seem to say yes, but i've had cars in the past with heat-reflective screens (different, i know) and these literally stopped ALL gps signals, rendering my shiny new tomtom redundant! I just hope the Ford's heated screens wouldnt do the same as i need my satnav a lot, not to mention its saved my licence a few times...
  12. Satnavs & Heated Screens

    Does anyone have any issues using an aftermarket satnav with a heated screen?
  13. Focus Mk2 Trim

    thanks for the replies folks, i'll be sure to check all of those out! Yeah i've been chatting to Mike about the car it it does seem to be a great buy, i was expecting to have to settle for at least an 80k example, i was this close (very close! lol) to putting a deposit down on an 05 black 87k Titanium, but then realised i wasnt getting that much more kit than on a well-specced Zetec and it's done 25k more on the clock! Bit of a no-brainer really! Yeah i said to Mike about the additional space being a god-send. The Clio has been great, and actually pretty usable for such a relatively tiny car, but the Focus is hoooooooge in comparison. I do a lot of hiking and mountain biking so am really looking forward to getting some good roof bars to enable bikes to go on the roof. At the moment me and my mates have to wait for my carpet-fitting mate to have the use of his enormous van to enable us to go riding which is a royal pain! Anyway thanks for the info, i'll go take a look once i have the car but for now i'll just enjoy that good ol' feeling of waiting for a new car! cheers Dan
  14. 2.0 Tdci

    Yes i will do mate, picking her up around midday saturday and will then be giving her a good clean (as i do with all my new cars as soon as i get them!) and will take some piccies and post 'em up. Yeah as you say the model differences are minimal, can't say i'm at all bothered about leather for the time being, it only means having to treat it from time to time to stop it cracking and is cold in winter first thing, and with the climate pack-jobbie it has just about all the spec of say the Ghia minus the cruise c. As for the deal in general, i was really chuffed as i have the autotrader app on my iPhone and just thought i'd have a quick look one morning last week and this one popped up, was surprised to see a 62k 06 reg car for under £5700 so immediately ignored it thinking they must have got the price wrong, but nope, called them up and they confirmed the price. So then i obviously thought what state must it be in for it to be only £190 more expensive than 05/85k examples, but turns out it is superbly clean throughout. Must have been a rep-mobile as the rear seats barely look as though they have ever been sat on, along with the rear carpets. The dents were minimal (golf ball sized one on driver door underneath wing mirror and the bonnet one looks as though someone has tried to push the bonnet closed too hard) but for them to offer to remove both of those, as well as full service, MOT and limited warranty just seemed a bit good to be true. HPI'd the car before i went and that all came up green so all seems well, thought i had best to it before i went as i could just tell if the car looked as good as the pics then i'd whack a deposit down there and then; and it turned out i did! Surely going to miss the daft-ness and amazing driver experience the Clio delivers in spades, but despite having driven such exciting and quick little cars for the past few years i am strangely really looking forward to owning the Focus, not to mention ALL THAT SPACE!!
  15. Focus Mk2 Trim

    Also are there any generic websites that people tend to use to order bits and bobs for their Focus'. For the clios i knew to go to either k-tecracing or GDI for parts, be it OEM parts or performance parts, but i wondered if people go to any specific, good webpages to get parts for the blue oval? cheers