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  1. Front Spoiler Needed, Focus Mk1 54 Plate

    Rubber dangly thing it is! Would it make any difference to enconomy at speed with it being in place, assuming it does have some benifit to the aerodynamics? C
  2. Front Spoiler Needed, Focus Mk1 54 Plate

    Thanks. The car I was parked next to was an 05 plate same model. I felt under the bumper and there are holes for the fixings suggesting the spoiler was there at some point.
  3. How To Tell A Bad Cat

    If the engine warning light is on, it will need to be reset. I got mine done by a friendly mechanic who has the diagnostic equipment. Hope that helps.
  4. How To Tell A Bad Cat

    The cat went on my car, a 54 plate 1.8. I was told that they quite often fail at around 60k miles, which mine has on the clock. You can tell as the car feels like it is developing alot less power, has no go in it and struggles to rev cleanly. At low speeds it is okay, but hills on the motorway really made it suffer and it sounds rough at higher speeeds. Got a new cat fitted at an exhaust centre, and sourced the part from a car spares specialist for about £200 all in (Ford quoted £500!). C
  5. Where Can I Get A Cd Radio Player For My Focus

    Hi, I bought a Ford unit on e-bay for £26 plus £10 postage - although I have seen them go for more. Search for Ford 6000CD, and make sure it comes with the radio code. I would also go for the later model with the rubber volume control, rather than the push button volume buttons, but see what you can find. Hope that helps.
  6. Hi, I have had my Focus for a few months now, and always thought it looked a bit high of the ground at the front. It was only when I was parked next to another Focus at the weekend that I realised the rubber spoiler below the front bumper was missing. It hasn't fallen off during my ownership of the car, - I am sure I would remember running over it :P, so presume it was always missing... Anyone know where I can source a new one, or does anyone have one lying around following some boby modifcations on their own car? How easy is it to attach? help always appreciated. Many thanks Chris