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  1. Hi, i recently bought a T reg focus wich has been fine until about a week ago, all of a sudden my wipers, electric windows and air blowy things have all stopped working now whenever they feel like it they all just come back on. For the last 2 days they haven't worked at all- is this a fuse??????? also my glove box was rather full and i put my mobile phone in there, when came back to get it out it was gone, from where i placed it im 99% certain its slid down the back sumwhere????? I screwd the glovebox off this morning which took an hour! and i can see or feel it anywhere, is there anywhere down ther it cud b??? and 1 more problem, my central locking doesnt work???? fuse or the little siemens box ive been told to disconnect?? i cant find the !Removed! siemens box!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody help xxxxx thanks in advance xxxxx
  2. lost my fone in glove box and im gutted!