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  1. Hi I added this to a previous thread snd thought I’d create a separate one. I have the SMax x sport titanium and I have noticed that when turning a corner or bend the steering wheel what I can only describe as ‘jabs’ in the opposite direction. This really makes the steering feel dangerous. Also, when idle and engine on if I turn the steering wheel 90 degrees it still does it, intermittent jolts in the opposite direction. any advice would be much appreciated. thanks
  2. Hi. I’m new to this and really not a a car expert in the slightest so hopeful that someone can help put my mind to rest. Recently purchased a 2011 s max x sport 2.0 titanium and I have just noticed a couple of things that are really bothering me. 1. when turning a bend at relative speed for example exiting or entering motorway the steering wheel seems to jab in the opposite direction like it’s fighting against you I’ve never experienced this before in a car and I do find myself entering bends with caution. Even if the car is idle and I turn the wheel 90 degrees it does the same thing, you can see the wheel jolting/jabbing in the opposite direction. 2. when changing gear pressing the clutch the Rev gauge drops but then pauses and drops again which wouldn’t worry me too much but it’s not just the needle the engine revs stick too. So the engine is in sync with counter at the same time. hope this makes sense and hope somebody can help. Thanks in advance.
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