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  1. Raised Air Intake/snorkel

    Thanks for tips calmcdermott/FORD-PARTS-CENTRE I dont mind so much drilling the holes as long as I get them in the right place is the important thing ;-) Ta
  2. Raised Air Intake/snorkel

    Hello, After some torrential rain out in Cyprus (it does rain here) I am looking for a raised intake/snorkel as we came very close to flooding (4inch off the standard) the engine with water, but also in the summer it tends to get pretty dusty so it will be serving a duel purpose in the end. I have tried searching the net but to no avail to my annoyance. Can anybody advise on where to purchase one from The Vehicle in questions is a 2005 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5l It is used as a company car, as I run a property management company so it is used off-road weekly if not daily. So I think what I need is a. Raised air intake/Snorkel Wading kit Any help and Advice or Personal experience would be greatly received Cheers Oli
  3. New Boy

    Hi All, Im new here, the Names Oli. Got a 2005 Ford Ranger XLT. Love it