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  1. 2.2 Diesel Part Throttle Problems

    Sorted now.....Thanks for all the suggestions <_<
  2. 2.2 Diesel Part Throttle Problems

    No takers for this one eh ?
  3. Hissing Noise From Dash Of Mondeo

    Could it be the air con pipes ?
  4. 2.2 Diesel Part Throttle Problems

    An update on my problem, it's still doing the same when ticking over or just at the point of accellerating...In desperation i unplugged the MAF sensor on the air box, my diagnostic tool showed air flow of around 175g/sec ( MAX i think ) and took it for a drive . Result was problem had seemed to clear, as soon as i plug it back in the problem reappears...No lamp illuminated on the dash and no fault codes were stored....Wiil driving with this unplugged cause other problems ? Is it likely to be the MAF sensor or is that just masking another problem....Am i right in thinking that if MAF is reading max the ecu will try to put more fuel in to compensate.....Please help someone...Bill
  5. Got a problem on my 06 2.2 TDCI,,,It's been fine for months then the other day my fuel low warning light came on at 50 miles left as indicated by the display ( sometimes not very accurate i know ), but i normally let it do that,,,i noticed after a run (approx 15 miles at 70mph) that it was running lumpy on tickover and was hesitant to respond to the throttle.It sometimes stalled when i went to change gear and basically it was a bugger to drive slowly ( High speed no problems )..I thought i'd let the fuel get too low , so i went and put £30 of Shell diesel in..Then gave it a blast for about 5 miles.Still the same when i came to turn into my street...I'm thinking dirt has been pulled into somewhere, but surely the filter would stop this...I've checked round for signs of fuel leakage and splits in pipes to no avail....Please help guys and galls......Bill
  6. Glad you got it sorted :)
  7. H I D Headlights

    That's my worry Vinnie..I'll stick with my Halogens i think
  8. Engine Warning Light

    You will need a fault code diagnostic and reset tool....Then you can find out what is causing the problem....Bill
  9. Glow Plug Light

    You will need to get the fault codes read and take it from there....Bill
  10. Clutch Vibration

    Someone may correct me here, but it sounds like the Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF)...when i bought my car the clutch felt dodgy so the garage i bought it from got a new clutch, clutch slave cylinder and DMF fitted..The bill was about £ 600 which thankfully i didn't have to pay...Some people also get the starter motor changed if it shows signs of wear on the teeth.....Bill
  11. H I D Headlights

    Thanks for that ..Are the HID just fitted to the dipped beam ?..or can you get a kit for both dipped and main beam ?..I understand that legally HID are supposed to be self levelling depending on the load in the car..After market kits won't do this , so it's a chance you take on the legal side of things....Bill
  12. Orange Management Light

    The latest news for your delectation is......I took my EGR valve apart today, and to cut a long story short , fixed it.....Now for a reasonable sum you can send me your electrically operated EGR's and i will endeavour to fix them, thus saving you a fortune for a new one ...... ....Nope i'm not like that , so i'll share my findings....After removing the valve from the car, i unclipped the outer cover at the connection end...Inside were 3 toothed drive wheels..Motor, idler, and valve drive...After carefully marking each wheel in relation to each other, i removed them...To find that on the valve drive wheel( underneath ) are 2 pins which operate the valve itself...Both of these pins had sheared off ( not sure whether due to fatigue, or sticking valve )So i punched what was left of the pins out of the wheel and recovered the broken bits out of the valve casing..After careful measurement i made some new pins on the lathe...Fitted them and put the valve together after lubricating all moving parts with high temp copperslip...I reset the codes and went for a run out....reult, no fault light......Now i accept that i may be being a bit hasty in my celebrations, but early signs are promising....I've included a couple of pix to try and show you whats what.....Bill
  13. Orange Management Light

    Well i ordered a valve from my local motorist shop yesterday, using my Reg Number, nut when it turned up it was a vacuum operated one, not electrical like mine....So today i'm going to take mine fully apart and have a look (nothing to lose is my theory )...I'll let you know what happens.
  14. Steering Wheel Display Lights

    Mine don't on my 06 Titanium X....And youre right it's a bugger in the dark...