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  1. If you just do standard driving you probably last a while, especially if you take bit more care with the clutch. I wish you the best of luck. I had nothing against SMF when I first had one, but I wouldn’t have one again and i love the feel of my DMF now. And cant tell any diffrence performance wise. Wish you the best and hope it lasts as long as you need it!
  2. I wouldn't recommend smf. Although its cheaper to change gearbox than to change DMF. But SMF has been the root of most my problems. Everyone goes there own way. But if you suspect gearbox problems id steer clear. My gearbox lasted 20k with SMF, so guess it depends on when your planning on scrapping it lol
  3. Thanks, i think it needs a cat clean. But if it's not got the sensors how would i know its starting to clog?
  4. Well. All fitted new DMF and kit and box from local synetiq salvage. Had to swap the bracket that held the gear cables as they bent the bracket probably when they strapped it up to move from one location to another. But all running again.
  5. This true with mine then Tom? I have the 1.8 kkda
  6. Sorted it! Just replaced bracket that holds the gear cables and its now spot on again! Thank youTomsFocus. And everyone for your input! But while i was there i checked my tubo turbine and it feels stiff!
  7. Am gonna swap bracket off old box see if that sorts it. Cos spring on stick looks fine. If that's not gonna sort it. Am thinking swap the box shifter over? Looks like a straight swap job. Anything i should be extra careful with if it comes to it?
  8. Dont know if its newer gearbox. I got it from synetiq salvage. But before the change neutral would spring back to dead centre in between 3rd and 4th. If it is a newer box does the cables need adjustment? Or is it the spings in the weighted mechanism on top of the box?
  9. Them impact wrench dont help. Original nuts aren't the best. If you lose 1 cap you end up using 19mm and 18mm sockets just to take wheel off. Can be annoying. Maybe previous driver decided to take all off and just stick with 18mm. You can get some good replacements on ebay, but dont go for painted ones cos impact wrench will flake it off eventually and then they rust a bit and look a mess.
  10. Just had a gearbox replaced after old one failing. But now the gear stick when in neutral stays almost all the way to the left instead of in the middle. Ford focus 1.8 tdci KKDA 09 The black bracket that holds the two gear cables was bent on the replacement box. But they were bent back into original position or at least as close as possible. Is it the bracket or cable adjustment that needs doing?
  11. Been looking for the 78mm hub puller, but silly prices.
  12. Spray / sticker or replace centre cap and some new nuts will tidy it up
  13. Car and other 3 wheels are missing. That be a good start lol 😂
  14. How do i get in touch. I live in Doncaster? And iam considering vents after some other jobs iv gotta do
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